Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Paraguay, America

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Paraguay, America

Paraguay authoritatively called as the Republic of Paraguay is a country in South America surrounded by Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia country and Paraguay River is the main river in the country which flow from north to south. Paraguay is spread over a total area of 406,752 square kilometers (157,048 square miles) and Asuncion is the capital of the country. The economy of the country is based on agriculture, fishing, industry and mining and Guarani is the main language in the country spoken by majority of people followed by Spanish. Coordinates of Paraguay are 23.2667° S, 58.0833° W.


History of Paraguay:

Paraguay was settled by indigenous people around 1000 years ago and the first Europeans to establish the region were Spanish in the year 1516 and settlement was established in the year 1537 by Spanish explorer Juan de Salazar de Espinosa. In the year 1811, Paraguay became an independent country and in the year 1864, Paraguayan War was fought against Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. In the year 1930s it fought with Bolivia in Chaco War to regain its territory from Bolivia.


Places to Visit in Paraguay:

Nacunday National Park:

Nacunday National Park is placed in the Nacunday district in Alto Parana and covers an area of 20 square kilometers. The National park is prominent for huge waterfall and enclosed by lush greenery is one of the significant waterfalls in the Paraguay.


Mbaracayu Biological Sanctuary:

Mbaracayu Biological Sanctuary is positioned flanked by Brazil and Paraguay is one of the prime ecological reserves in the country. Ecosystem in the asylum has created ideal conditions for animal life and there copiousness of native flora and fauna in the sanctuary.


National Pantheon of the Heroes:

National Pantheon of the Heroes is the signpost of the Asuncion city and one of the national monuments of Paraguay country. It is one of the must visit location in the city and structural design of the building speaks about the culture and heritage of the country.


Encarnacion Beach:

Beach in Encarnacion is located along the river and it is small artificial beach but remarkable and satisfying and water is clear and can enjoy with family and friends and water activities are carried out along the beach.


Town Council Museum:

Town Council Museum is placed in Pilar city built in the year 1817 during the rule of president Gaspar Rodriguez de Francia, it is one of the best preserved building the country and the museum showcases the historical photographs, trophies and medals and other historical artifacts.


Other places to visit in Paraguay:

  • Casa de la Independencia Museum
  • Icono Tower
  • Cave of San Lazaro
  • Saint Lazarus Church
  • Galvan Hill
  • Tati Yupi Biological Reserve
  • Ypacarai Lake
  • San Jose-mi Church
  • Arqueologycal Museum
  • Museo de la Tierra Guaraní and Zoologico Regional
  • Itaipu Binacional Hydrodam
  • La Santisima Trinidad de Parana
  • National Congress
  • Municipal Museum
  • The mouth of Itambey River
  • Pikyry Refuge
  • Minga Guazu Ecology Park
  • Minga Guazu Ecology Park
  • Limoy National Reserve
  • Carapá Refuge


Climate in Paraguay:

Climate in Paraguay experiences subtropical temperate but has only wet and dry season and October to March is the rainy season, but has hot and humid weather and May to August is the cold season.

How to Reach Paraguay?

Most of the cities and towns in the country are connected through river route and there are a number of ferries and boats services from each towns and cities connecting to each other. Some of the regions in the country are connected through national and state highways and buses will operate from major cities like Asuncion, Luque, Altos, Ayolas, Filadelfia, Pilar, Ciudad del Este, Concepcion, Villeta and Aregua and taxis are available in major cities. Paraguay major and busiest international airport is Silvio Pettirossi International Airport, which caters with domestic and international flights to North and Central America, British, Caribbean and Mexico. There are 14 domestic airports in the country.


Where to Stay in Paraguay?

Paraguay has several alleged hotels and guest houses providing good accommodation facilities for the tourists coming to this place. Hotels range from budget to 3 star offering hosts of deluxe services and amenities. Some ultra luxury hotels also provide facilities like bed, breakfast, doctors on call, internet connection, laundry services, saloon and spa, travel bookings etc. List of hotels situated in Paraguay is as follows:

  • Hotel La Española
  • Resort Yacht y Golf Club Paraguayo
  • Asuncion Internacional Hotel & Suites
  • Portal Del Sol
  • Premier Hill Suites
  • Hotel Las Margaritas
  • Westfalenhaus Hotel
  • Le Moustier Suites
  • Hotel Casino Acaray
  • Mabu Thermas & Resort
  • Hotel das Cataratas
  • Hotel La Grappa Suites & Arts
  • La Aparesida B&B Hotel
  • Hotel La Grappa Suites & Arts

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