Tourist Places to Visit in La Victoria, Paraguay, America

Tourist Places to Visit in La Victoria, Paraguay, America

Puerto Casado was formally recognized as La Victoria located in Alto Paraguay Department in Paraguay is positioned at an average elevation of 64 meters (210 feet) above the sea level. Puerto Casado has fertile soil and agriculture and animal husbandry is the main form of living in the district and few primary and secondary schools and a government hospital are located in the city.

Puerto Casado is surrounded by Perto Murtinho, Filadelfia and Neuland Colony and situated at the distance of 650 kilometers from Asuncion, capital of Puerto Casado. Coordinates of Puerto Casado are 22.2900° S, 57.9400° W.


History if Puerto Casado:

La Victoria was established in the year 1889, during the rule of President Patricio Escobar and named as La Victoria later name changed to Puerto Casado. La Victoria was home to one of the largest company in the country Carlos Casado Company which was spread around 5,000,000 hectares and provided shelter and bread to hundreds of people in and around the region. Puerto Casado was surrounded by abundance of greenery after the establishment of the company in the district forest was gradually destroyed and goods were exported to various countries. Port of Puerto Casado was the busiest port during the period but at present the company is closed.


Places to Visit in Puerto Casado:

Galvan Hill:

Galvan Hill is situated around 4 kilometers from Puerto Casado town where tourists can still view the old railroad tracks constructed by Carlos Casado Company and at present there are ruins around the tracks, is one of the historical sites in the district.


Best time to Visit Puerto Casado:

Puerto Casado experiences tropical climate with hot and humid summer and chilled winter. During summer normal temperature is 45 degree and during winter temperature may fall to 9 degree Celsius and best time to visit Puerto Casado is from the months of May to September.


How to Reach Puerto Casado?

Puerto Casado is a remote district and not served by airport, Silvio Pettirossi International Airport is the main airport in the country located at the distance of 640 kilometers in Asuncion city handles domestic and international flights to major countries in the world.

National highway 9 is the major road which connects Puerto Casado to Asuncion city and boats are the main mode of transportation to Puerto Casado city Asuncion and one can board buses from Asuncion to Puerto Casado districts.


Where to Stay in Puerto Casado?

Puerto Casado is a district in Alto Paraguay department located close to the border of Brazil but it is developing region there is no much facility in the region. One can find few guesthouses and home stay accommodation facilities in and around the Puerto Casado districts. Guesthouse has facilities like single and double room, mosquito nets, telephone services, room with bedding, kitchen where tourists can prepare their own cuisines and few guest houses will also serve food for tourists.

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