Best Tourist Places to Visit in Fuerte Olimpo, Paraguay, America

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Fuerte Olimpo, Paraguay, America

Fuerte Olimpo is the capital of Alto Paraguay department in Paraguay situated on the banks of River Paraguay and city is identified as the “la puerta de entrada al Pantanal” and the city is situated at an average elevation of 210 feet (64 meters) above the sea level and farming and cattle rearing are the main occupations in the city due to good fertile soil and located between the two mountains Fuerte Bordon and Maria Auxiliador and has an abundance of vegetation.

Fuerte Olimpo is surrounded by Porto Murtinho, Puerto Casado, Bahia Negra and Carmelo Peralta and situated at the distance of 830 kilometers from Asuncion, capital of Paraguay. Coordinates of Fuerte Olimpo are 21.0375° S, 57.8708° W.


History of Fuerte Olimpo:

Fuerto Olimpo was established in the year 1792 by Spain by the order of Governor Joaquin Alos y Bru and named Fuerte Borbon. It was called as Fuerte Olimpo during the rule of Jose Gaspar Rodriguez de Francia and free trade was carried out between Brazil and Fuerte Olimpo region. From the year 1870, the region became home to few industries and cattle rearing and forests were destroyed.


Places to Visit in Fuerte Olimpo:

Fuerte Borbon:

Fuerte Borbon was constructed in the year 1792 on the top of Olimpo Mountains and the building was constructed from rocks and from top of the mountain one can sight the breathtaking views of the surrounding areas.


María Auxiliadora Cathedral:

María Auxiliadora Cathedral is a renowned cathedral in the city of Fuerte Olimpo constructed during the Spanish rule on the top of the peak and it is one of the oldest cathedrals in the city which is visited by number of devotees.


Tres Hermanos:

Tres Hermanos is a view of three mountains of Fuerte Olimpo and tourists can view some of the native plants and animal species in and around the mountains and tourists are advised to hire a torus guide.


Defensores del Chaco National Park:

Defensores del Chaco National Park is the largest national park in the Alto Paraguay department located at the distance of 300 kilometers from Fuerte Olimpo city is home to some of the rare flora and fauna. Tour guides are available at national park.


Other Places to visit in and around Fuerte Olimpo:

  • Cerro Leon
  • Parque Nacional Río Negro
  • Parque Nacional Coronel Cabrera
  • Parque Nacional Chovoreca


Best time to Visit Fuerte Olimpo:

Climate in Fuerte Olimpo experiences tropical monsoon climate and during summer average temperature is about 45° C (113° F) and winter season temperature may drop to 9° C (48° F). Best time to visit Fuerte Olimpo is from May to September.


How to Reach Fuerte Olimpo?

Fuerte Olimpo is not served by airport it is connected through road and river route. Route no 9 (Transchaco highway) is the major connectivity from neighboring parts of the country. Boats and canoes are the prominent and major form of transportation from Fuerte Olimpo from neighboring country Brazil and different ports in Paraguay city.


Where to Stay in Fuerte Olimpo?

Fuerte Olimpo is located in remote location and there is no luxurious hotel in the city but there are few guesthouses and home stay facilities available in the Fuerte Olimpo town which provides basic facilities to the tourists and food is arranged in guesthouse.

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