Altos Tourist Places to Visit in Altos, Paraguay, America

Altos Tourist Places to Visit in Altos, Paraguay, America

Altos is a district and region located in Cordillera Department in Paraguay country, is also recognized as Altos de Ybypytare which means “Path of Wind” is one of the oldest cities in the country. Altos spans over a total area of 36 square miles (92 square kilometers) and situated at an average elevation of 679 feet (207 meters) above the sea level and economy of the region is dependable on pharmacological plants, coffee, agriculture, woodcrafts, and breeding of horned cattle. Altos is surrounded by Tobati, Caacupe, San Bernardino, Aregua, Ypacarai, Emboscada and Itaugua and situated at the distance of 70 kilometers from Asuncion, capital of Paraguay. Coordinates of Altos are 25.23333° S 57.25000° W.


History of Altos:

As per the history, it is believed that there are two descriptions of the establishment of Altos, Domingo Martínez de Irala established in the year 1538 and second version tells that it was established in the year 1580 by Luis de Bolanos.


Tourism in Altos:

Altos is one of the charming cities is the country which has few interesting places to visit. Altos is one of the oldest cities in the country and has church which is one of the main church in the city. Tourists can view some of the prime artisan products in the city which is renowned in the country and located close to YHpacarai Lake that provides a stunning landscape for the tourists. One can visit the nearby farms which are surrounded by lush greenery and few colonial sites.


Places to Visit in Altos:

Ypacarai Lake:

Ypacarai Lake is the prime attraction in the city and lake is remembered due the song “Memories of Ypacarai and various activities are carried out around the lake and lake is around 90 square miles.


Best time to Visit Altos:

Altos experiences mild and dry climate with average temperature of 21 degree Celsius and during winter season temperature will drop to below 3 degree Celsius. Best time to visit Altos is from November to March.


How to Reach Altos?

By Air:

Nearest airport to Altos is Silvio Pettirossi International Airport located at the distance of 38 kilometers from Altos in Asuncion City and the airport is the major national and international airport in the country which caters with flights to Buenos Aires, Miami, Lima, Montevideo, Panama City, Sao Paulo, Ciudad del Este, Santa Cruz de la Sierra and Santiago de Chile cities.


By Road:

Altos is located on the asphalt road bear Route 2 highway which links from neighboring cities and it is connected through paved road from Atyra. Altos city is well connected through bus route and there are few buses operating from Asuncion to Altos frequently.


Where to Stay in Altos?

Hotels in Altos offer luxurious accommodation with amazing view of the surrounding valley. Amenities such as saunas, gym, car parking, free Wi-Fi, laundry, spa, internet service, bar, restaurants etc. are offered at hotels in Altos at a tariff ranging from $ 55 to $ 150. Economy hotels with room at $ 10 to $ 50 are available depending on whether single or double rooms in Altos. The names of some of hotels in Altos are listed below:

  • La Aparesida B&B Hotel
  • La Grappa Hotel and Restaurants
  • Hotel Katy Maria
  • Hotel Las Residentas
  • Hotel La Grappa Suites & Arts
  • Casa Del Monte Hotel
  • Posada Linda India
  • Olimpo Hotel & Suites
  • Casita Feliz Hotel
  • La Quinta Hotel
  • Blue Lake Hotel & Casino
  • Pueblo Hotel

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