Anegada Tourist Places to Visit in Anegada, British Virgin Islands, America

Anegada Tourist Places to Visit in Anegada, British Virgin Islands, America

Anegada is one of the islands of British Virgin Islands, a special collectivity of British overseas territory. It is the northernmost island geographically placed between 18°44′ N latitude and 64°20′ W longitude at an altitude of 28 feet. Anegada is flat and low island, located about 24 km north of Virgin Gorda.

Anegada is the 2nd largest island of British Virgin Islands, after Tortola with an area of 15 sq. km. The Settlement is the only town of Anegada Island and the economy of Anegada is based on rich tourism and fishing.

Anegada is home to the largest barrier coral reef in the Caribbean, Horseshoe Reef measures a length of 29 km. White sand beaches, very famous Anegada Christmas tree and rich population of bonefish are other notable facts of Anegada.  Claudia Creque Educational Centre is the only school in Anegada providing pre-primary, primary and secondary level education for the native children.


Connectivity to Anegada:

Anegada hosts an airport named Auguste George Airport which receives charter flights from San Juan, St. Thomas, Antigua and St. Maarten, served by Island Birds and Fly BVI.

Tourist can also reach Anegada through Beef Island Airport in Road Town and then take ferry service to Anegada in morning and afternoon hours of Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Private boats are also available.

Jeeps, trucks and taxis are generally available at Anegada Reef Hotel and cars are also useful to get around.


Food and Shopping in Anegada:

Anegada houses the shops of handmade pottery, gift items, t-shirts, hats and jewelry and the major shops include:

  • Vera’s Pottery Shop
  • The Purple Turtle
  • Anegada Reef Hotel gift shop


The prominent food corners in Anegada include:

  • Cow Wreck Beach Bar
  • Neptunes Treasure
  • Big Bamboo
  • Potter’s by the Sea
  • Dotsy’s Baker


Things to do in Anegada:

  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba diving
  • Surfing
  • Fishing day trips
  • Shopping


Places of interest in Anegada:


Anegada beaches:

Anegada houses the miles of white sand beaches located towards the western side of Anegada. It takes nearly one day to explore miles of stunning Anegada beaches. Also tourists can taste delicious food at the restaurants located in front of the beach.


Anegada Christmas tree:

Anegada Christmas tree is very popular located in the circle of Anegada. At a height of 35 feet, it is the tallest Christmas tree in the British Virgin Islands planted on 15 December 2007.


Pomato Point Restaurant Museum:

Pomato Point Restaurant houses a small museum which features more than centuries old relics. Also tourists can taste healthy food at the restaurant at affordable prices.


Other places of interest in Anegada include:

  • Horseshoe Reef
  • Cow Wreck Beach
  • Loblolly Beach
  • Marie L
  • RMS Rhone
  • Loblolly Bay
  • Fearless
  • Flamingo Pond


Best time to visit Anegada:

From the middle of December to the middle of April will be the ideal time to enjoy holidays in Anegada.


Accommodation options in Anegada:

Anegada is a colorful island housing several tourist attractions such as Christmas tree, museums and stunning beaches. Other than tourist attractions, Anegada is also very popular for its grand hotels with amazing facilities and services like spa, AC, free Wi-Fi, 24 hour room service and arrangement of vehicle. List of major hotels in and around Anegada is:

  • Anegada Reef Hotel
  • Neptune’s Treasure
  • Cow Wreck Beach Resort
  • Anegada Seaside Villas
  • Sands Hotel
  • Anegada Beach Club
  • Keel Point Cottages
  • Anegada Beach Cottages
  • Loblolly Beach Cottages
  • Anegada Beach Campground
  • Lo’Lolly Beach Cottages
  • Big Bamboo Cottages
  • Lavenda Breeze
  • Bonefish Villa

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