Best Tourist Places to Visit in Bartica, Guyana, America

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Bartica, Guyana, America

Bartica is a small town on the banks of the Essequibo River in Cuyuni Mazaruni region, is situated at the union point of Cuyuni, Mazaruni and Essequibo Rivers and gateway to the country. Bartica population depends on gold and diamond mining and few primary and secondary schools are located in the town and served by 7 regional hospitals and there are few tourism places to visit in Bartica town. Bartica is located at the distance of 150 kilometers from Georgetown, capital of the country and coordinates of Bartica are 6.4000° N, 58.6167° W.


Tourism in Bartica:

Bartica is town on the banks of River Essequibo which is the largest river in the country and home to various water activities. Tourists can find some of the renowned restaurants and hotels in the city which serves authentic and traditional cuisines. Bartica is visited by number of tourists to enjoy in the water activities and it is connected through Denham Suspension bridge which links Bartica to Mahdia.


Places to Visit in Bartica:

Fort Kyk-Over-Al:

Fort Kyk-Over-Al was constructed in the year 1616 on the mouth of River Mazaruni and served as the centre of the Dutch administration, but it was destroyed by British and at present tourists can view the ruins of the fort.

Denham Suspension Bridge:

Denham Suspension Bridge was built over the Potaro River by Scottish civil engineer in the year 1933 and also identified as the Garraqay Stream Bridge and the bridge was named after Sir Edward Barndis Denham who was the governor of British Guiana.


Marshall Falls:

Marshall Falls are located few kilometers from Bartica in rain forest and tourists are advised to hire a tour guide to the falls and it is a charming cascading waterfall sited along the Mazaruni River.


Other places to visit in and around Bartica:

  • Red Earth
  • Events
  • Nightlife


Best time to Visit Bartica:

Best time to visit Bartica is from February to April, during these months climate will be pleasant.


How to Reach Bartica?

Bartica is positioned 160 kilometers away from Cheddi Jagan International Airport in Georgetown is the only international airport in the country which connects to major cities in the world. Bartica has small port, receives ferries from neighboring countries and caters with domestic ferries as well frequently. Bartica is connected through road and Denham Suspension Bridge connects Bartica to Mahdia town and buses will operate from neighboring cities to Bartica regularly and best way to explore the town is by foot.


Where to Stay in Bartica?

Bartica is developing town in the country and there are few standard hotels in the town and offers good accommodation facilities to the customers visiting the town and some of the hotels are situated in the front of the river which provides stunning view of the river. Hotels in Bartica provides basic facilities and restaurants are located close to the hotels. Some of the hotels in Bartica are listed here below:

  • Platinum Inn
  • The New Modern Hotel
  • Balkarran’s Guest House
  • Zen’s Plaza
  • Modern Hotel

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