Lethem Tourist Places to Visit in Lethem, Guyana, America

Lethem Tourist Places to Visit in Lethem, Guyana, America

Lethem is a small town situated in Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo Region in Guyana country. Lethem is situated on the River Takutu and surrounded by local flora and fauna includes cashew trees, mango and coconut trees. Lethem shares the border with Brazil and Takutu River Bridge links Brazil and Guyana country which helps in the growth of economy of the country. Lethem is one of the growing towns in the country and few primary and secondary schools, hospital and hotels are established in the town and tourism also plays an important role in the development of the town. Lethem is located at the distance of 420 kilometers from Georgetown, capital of the country and coordinates of Lethem are 3.3833° N, 59.8000° W.


Tourism in Lethem:

Lethem is positioned on the banks of River Takutu shares the border with Brazil. Takutu River is covered by dense flora and fauna in and around the town and surrounded by mountainous region that offers beautiful views of surrounding region and all the commercial activities from the border of Brazil are carried out in the town. There are few prominent hotels in the town visited by the tourists throughout the year. Lethem was named after the Governor of British Guiana, Sir Gordon James Lethem.


Places to Visit in Lethem:

St Ignatius:

St Ignatius is located in Lethem town constructed near Jesuit Mission is home to traditional Amerindian craft work and tourists can come across distinct craft works.


Kaieteur Falls:

Kaieteur Falls is the main attraction in the country has chain of waterfalls situated in Kaieteur National Park close to Lethem town is one of the best waterfalls in the world and listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Mount Roraima:

Mount Roraima highest point is 9,094 feet in the Guyana country and renowned table top peaks located at the border of Brazil and Venezuela and surrounding area provides astonishing view of the valley.


Other places to visit in and around Lethem:

  • Rupununi River
  • Moco Moco Mountain
  • Kanuku Mountain


Best time to Visit Lethem:

Lethem is served by tropical rainforest climate and there is no dry season in the town and it rains throughout the year. Best time to visit Lethem is from September to November.


How to Reach Lethem?

Lethem Airport located at the distance of 2.5 kilometers from the town operates daily domestic flights to Georgetown city. Lethem is connected through paved road from other parts of the country and connected through Takutu Bridge from border of Brazil and buses will run from capital city and from neighboring countries to Lethem town. Ferries will operate from Takutu Terminal connecting to neighboring cities and towns.


Where to Stay in Lethem?

Lethem is surrounded by lush greenery and mountain regions and shares the border with Brazil. Lethem is visited by number of tourists and there are few prominent hotels and guesthouses in the town which provides best accommodation facilities to the tourists visit the town throughout the year and hotel rooms in the town will cost from $ 10 to $ 100 and above per day with some basic facilities. List of hotels located in Lethem are listed below:

  • Takutu Hotel Lethem
  • Savannah Hotel Lethem
  • Ori Hotel Lethem
  • Cacique Guest House Lethem
  • Savannah Inn Lethem
  • Kaimbe Lodge Lethem
  • Rock View Lodge Lethem
  • Carahaa Landing Camp Surama Lethem
  • Karanambo Ranch Lethem

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