Best Tourist Places to Visit in Sisimiut, Greenland, America

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Sisimiut, Greenland, America

Sisimiut is a town in Qeqqata Municipality in Greenland located towards the central western part of Greenland at the shoreline of Davis Strait is the second largest town in the Greenland. Fishing is the major industry in the town and tourism industry also plays the major role in the development of economy. There are few educational institutions, small shops and healthcare facilities in the town. Sisimiut is located at the distance of 330 kilometers from Nuuk, capital of Greenland and coordinates of Sisimiut are 66.9167° N, 53.6667° W.


History of Sisimiut:

Sisimiut was inhabited by the Saqqaq culture people around 4,500 years ago, who arrived from Arctic Canada and were the first to settle in the region and remained for the two millennia and left some artifacts and plentiful archeological finds on the Coast of Davis Strait. Around 500 BCE, few arrived from Canada named as Dorset Culture and inhabited for the next 700 years. Between the 13th and 14th century, Thule people arrived attracted by the flora.

In the year 1764, General Trade Company established the town as the trading port and named as Holsteinsborg, after its fjord. During the 18th century various developments and buildings were constructed in the town. During the 20th century fishing industry and port was established in the town.


Food and Culture of Sisimiut:

People of Sisimiut speak Danish and Inuktun and follow Inuit Culture and there few restaurants in the town which serves Greenlandic cuisines and tourists can prepare their own cuisines as well. Tour packages are available to Sisimiut town from various tour operators.


Places to Visit in Sisimiut:

Sisimiut Museum:

Sisimiut Museum is located less than a kilometer distance from center of the town and museum displays the archeological artifacts, art and maritime artifacts and museum is open from Monday to Friday and entry fee is Kr 30 per head.



Taseralik is cultural centers which hosts cafe, internet cafe, theatre, conference room and cinema and displays the art of Greenlandic artists.


Things to do in Sisimiut:

  • Dog sledding
  • Snowmobiling
  • Hiking
  • River Fishing
  • Arctic Circle Race


Weather in Sisimiut:

Sisimiut has polar climate and average temperature ranges from 10 °C (50 °F) to −10.2 °C (13.6 °F) and best time to visit Sisimiut is from the months of May to September.


How to Reach Sisimiut?

Sisimiut is served by Sisimiut Airport situated at the distance of 5 kilometers from center of the town and airport serves with domestic flights to Aasiaat, Ilulissat, Kangerlussuaq, Maniitsoq and Nuuk and from airport tourists can hire taxi to reach the hotels or other destinations.

Sea route is the best way to get into the town, as there are weekly two ferries operating from and to various parts of the Greenland and Sisimiut Port is one the major ports in the country due to the ice free port and ferries are operated by Arctic Umiaq Line and Royal Arctic Line.

Sisimiut has road connectivity to the airport and rest of the parts in the town are muddy roads and during the summer buses will operate in and around the town and during winter dog sled and snowmobiles are available to get around the town.


Where to Stay in Sisimiut?

Sisimiut provides some of the best accommodation facilities to the tourists visiting the places throughout the year and there are few interesting sites to visit in the town and hotels provide some of the best accommodation facilities in the Greenland and offers facilities like single and double room, business suite, kitchen, bathroom, internet service and cuisines and cost from DKK 500 to DKK 2000 and above per day. Some of the hotels in Sisimiut are listed here below:

  • Hotel Sisimiut
  • Knud Rasmussen Folks High School
  • Sisimiut Seamens House
  • Katak Housing
  • Knud Rasmusenip Hojskolia
  • Henning Frisk APS

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