Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Paamiut, Greenland, America

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Paamiut, Greenland, America

Paamiut is town in Sermersooq municipality in Greenland located towards the southwestern part of Greenland. Paamiut is situated on the Labrador Sea shoreline in the south end of Kuannersooq Bay and Paamiut is free from ice during the winter which has turned fishing as the major industry in the town throughout the year. Coordinates of the Paamiut are 62.0000° N, 49.7167° W.


History of Paamiut:

Paamiut was inhabited around 1500 BC and named as the Kalaallisut which means those who reside by the mouth. In the year 1742, trading post was established by the Jacob Severin’s and named after the honor of Prince Frederick. Trading of Whale and fur products was started in the town and soapstone art was established in the town. In the year 1909, churches were constructed using wood in the Norwegian Style which is one of the finest churches in the Greenland.


Places to Visit in Paamiut:

Paamiut Museum:

Paamiut museum is the oldest museums in the town and a small museum and was the craftman’s workshop and salt house later converted into museum and local tourist office.


Things to do in Paamiut:


The Blue Mountains provide the hikers the best adventurous hiking trail and it is the lookout point and way to the ice sheet and from top one can experience the stunning view of the surrounding.



Paamiut is one of the best places for sailing and one can view the Whales and icebergs in the sea at the mouth of fjord.


Weather in Paamiut:

Paamiut has subarctic weather and during the winter the temperature may get as low as -20° Celsius and during the summer the average temperature may rise up to 5 to 9° Celsius and best time to visit Paamiut is from May to September.


How to Reach Paamiut?

Paamiut Airport is located at the distance of 1.5 kilometers from middle of the town and serves with regular flights to and from Nuuk throughout the year and seasonal flights are available from Narsarsuaq International Airport.

Paamiut is served by Paamiut port which operates only few ferries to the town and cruises sail past Paamiut but only few cruises stop at the port.

Paamiut has small road which connects to all the different parts in the town and dog sled, car and minibus are the major mode of transportation in the town.

Where to Stay in Paamiut?

Paamiut is served by only one hotel in the entire town as it is less visited by the tourists but hotel offers best staying facilities to the tourists with kitchen, bathroom, dining room, television and single and double room and tour packages are available to the Paamiut town and tourists must book the hotels well in advance before visiting the town to avoid the last minute rush. Hotel in Paamiut are listed here below:

  • Hotel Ivaana Paamiut

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