Arsuk Tourist Places to Visit in Arsuk, Greenland, America

Arsuk Tourist Places to Visit in Arsuk, Greenland, America

Arsuk is small village in Sermersooq municipality in south west part of Greenland literally means the beloved place. Arsuk has population less than 200 people is situated at the south end of Sermersooq municipality on the shore of Labrador Sea surrounded by Alanngorsuaq Fjord and Kuunnaat Mountains and Kuunnaat Mounatain is located at an elevation of 1,418 meters (4,652.2 feet) above the sea level. Coordinates of the Arsuk are 61.1667° N, 48.4500° W.


History of Arsuk:

Saqqaq culture people from the north were the first to settle in Arsuk in 1500 BC and between the 10th and 14th century the region was settled by Norse and fishing was the main form of living in Arsuk and later many migrated from south Thule in the 15th century and settled in the Arsuk. In the year 1805, Danes during the colonial era was attracted to the cryolite in Ivittuut made him to settle in the region and in the year 1830, timber Lutheran church was constructed in the town.  In the year 1987, mines were closed.


Tourism in Arsuk:

Arsuk is small town located at the Coast of Labrador Sea is bounded by mountains which makes it one of the stunning sites to visit in Greenland. Most of the tourists visit the village to take a sight of the mountain and to learn the culture and tradition of the village.

Things to do in Arsuk:

  • Visit the neighboring villages
  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Participate in the traditional events
  • Kayaking
  • Whale Watching
  • Sailing
  • Dog Sledding


Weather in Arsuk:

Arsuk has chilled weather all through the year and during the summer climate is pleasant and during the winter it is very chilled and best time to visit Arsuk is from May to September.


How to Reach Arsuk?

Arsuk is served by Arsuk Airport, which is served by Air Greenland and caters with flights to few cities and towns in Greenland and flights are available frequently to these destinations.

Arsuk port operates cruise services to ports in Greenland and these cruises will operate in summer season depending on the weather conditions in the country and during winter helicopters are operated as it is the convenient and easy way to reach Arsuk.

Major road transportation in the village is served by cars and taxis which operates in and around the village and best way to explore the village is through foot.


Where to Stay in Arsuk?

Arsuk village is visited by few tourists due to its remote location and there are only few sites to visit in the village and tourists can locate some guesthouses in the village which provides basic facilities with food. Tour operators are also available to Arsuk village and it is the best way to get into the village to avoid the risk.

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