Tourist Places to Visit in Oqatsut, Greenland, America

Tourist Places to Visit in Oqatsut, Greenland, America

Oqatsut is an island in Qaasuitsup municipality situated at the western part of the Greenland is the least populated islands in the country and located 25 kilometers from the mainland of Ilulissat. Oqatsut is the smallest island in the Greenland covered with the icebergs and there is small school and a hospital in the town. Coordinates of Oqatsut are 69.3500° N, 51.0167° W.


History of Oqatsut:

Oqatsut was first established by the Dutch Whalers in the 18th century as the trading post and Royal Greenland established the fishing company in the island providing jobs to the people of the island due to this population depopulated in the island and later a local fishermen established the Rodebay Fish Aps for the survival of the settlement on the island.


Tourism in Oqatsut:

Oqatsut is the small village covered with icebergs throughout the year and surrounded by mountains which gives an opportunity to the tourists to explore the island and Oqatsut is visited by only few tourists due to lack of transportation and basic facilities.


Things to do in Oqatsut:

  • Visit the village
  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Kayaking
  • Whale Watching
  • Sailing
  • Dog Sledding


Weather in Oqatsut:

Oqatsut has Polar weather and has long winter from October to April and summer season from May to September and best time to visit Oqatsut is from May to September.


How to Reach Oqatsut?

There are no flights services to the island and the nearest airport is Ilulissat Airport operated during the winter and spring season due to lack of travelers to the island and flights services are operated by Air Greenland.

Sea route is the best way to reach the island and there are number of ferries plying from various parts of the country to Oqatsut during the summer season for shipping the goods.

Snowmobile and dog sled are the major mode of transportations in the town due to its small area, one can discover the town by walk.


Where to Stay in Oqatsut?

Oqatsut is a small island visited by few travelers due to its isolated place and there are only few sites to visit on the island and tourists can locate some guesthouses in the village which provides basic facilities with food. Tour operators will provide the best staying options of the tourists and it is the best way to get into the village to avoid the risk and tourists must book the hotels through tourist operator in Oqatsut Island.

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