Places to Visit in Upernavik, Greenland, America

Places to Visit in Upernavik, Greenland, America

Upernavik is a town in Qaasuittsup municipality situated towards the North West part of Greenland. Upernavik is located on the Upernavik Island is a small town which has primary school and a health care facility and fishing is the main form of living in the town. Upernavik is a small town and tourists can walk to all the destinations in the town and coordinates of Upernavik are 72.7839° N, 56.1506° W.


History of Upernavik:

Upernavik was established in the year 1772 and was named as Women’s Island later changed to Anglicized and later changed to Uppernavik. Kingittorsuaq Runestone was found in the year 1824 near the town which symbolizes the runic character left by the Vikings dating back to 13th century.


Places to Visit in Upernavik:

Upernavik Museum:

Upernavik Museum is the northernmost outdoor museum in the world and comprises of all the unique colonial buildings and displays the traditional women’s boats and local cultural history.


Inuit Culture:

Inuit Culture is the essence traditional hunting culture of Greenlandic people and region used as the spring hunting ground for several Greenlandic people and best site to learn about the traditional way of life.


Things to do in Upernavik:

Dog Sledding:

Dog sledding is used as the major mode of transportation in the town during the winter season to reach the fishing area by the local fishermen from December to June.



There are nearly 100 lakes near the region and are perfect for kayaking and kayak is used by the local hunters during the spring and summer months along the ice edge from fishing and equipments are rented in the town.



Sailing is the one of the popular way to watch the whale safaris in Upernavik town and best way to sight the stunning views of icebergs.


Weather in Upernavik:

Upernavik features tundra weather with short cool summer from June to September and long cold winter from October to May and best time to visit Upernavik is from the months of June to September.


How to Reach Upernavik?

Upernavik is served by Upernavik Airport located at the distance of less than a kilometer distance from middle of the town and flights are served by Air Greenland Company and flights are operated to and from the towns like Ilulissat, Qaanaaq, Qaarsut, Aappilattoq, Innaarsuit, Kangersuatsiaq, Kullorsuaq, Nuussuaq, Tasiusaq and Kujalleq.

Sea routes are operated during summer only in Greenland as climate will be clear to sail in the sea and small port is located in the town which receives the ferry from various divisions of Greenland country and ferries are operated by Royal Arctic Line in Greenland.

Dog sleds and snowmobiles are common mode of transportation in the town most of the year and vehicles like car is available in the town due to its small size in area, walking will be the best way to explore the town.


Where to Stay in Upernavik?

Upernavik is the small town visited by few tourists throughout the year and there are two major accommodation facilities in the town and rooms are designed as per the comfort of the tourists and tourists can avail the facilities like single and double rooms, free transportation from airport to hotel, living room, dining room, large TV, and many more facilities and hotel rooms in Upernavik cost from $ 160 to $ 200 and above per day. Some of the hotels in Upernavik are listed here below:

  • Gina’s Guesthouse
  • Gina’s Hostel

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