Tourist Places to Visit in Alluitsup Paa, Greenland, America

Tourist Places to Visit in Alluitsup Paa, Greenland, America

Alluitsup Paa is a small village in Kujalleq municipality in southern part of the Greenland. Fishing is the major industry in the village which employs majority of populace and few tourism sites in the village attracts the tourists and population of the Alluitsup Paa is decreasing every year rapidly. Alluitsup Paa hosts few primary schools in the village and few supermarkets can be found in the village. Coordinates of Alluitsup Paa are 60.5000° N, 45.5833° W.


History of Alluitsup Paa:

Alluitsup was inhabited from 18th century and in the year 1830 a trading station was established in the town and was named as Alluitsoq, which means outside in Greenland. Alluitsup Town was the 2nd largest crowded village in Nanortalik Municipality in the year 2008 and in the year 2009, the municipality was shifted to Kujalleq, later the population of the village rapidly decreased.


Tourism in Alluitsup Paa:

Alluitsup Paa is small village in the southern part of the Greenland and village is bounded by icebergs and mountains. Tourists can visit the traditional and colorful homes in the village and can learn about the tradition and culture of the village. Uunartoq Island offers tourists to enjoy the hot springs in the region, is one of the renowned geothermal hot springs in Greenland. There are few hotels in the village which offers some delicious cuisines to the tourists.

Places to Visit in Alluitsup Paa:

The Hot Springs of Uunartoq:

To reach The Hot Springs of Uunartoq, tourists have to rent the boat and the hot springs is located in Uunartoq Island and tourists can take bath in geothermal hot spring and icebergs nearby and can visit the island as well.


Home visit in Alluitsup Paa:

Tourists can visit the local homes at Alluitsup Paa and enjoy the Kafe and mik which means coffee and cakes which are served to visitors in traditional manner and can learn about the Greenland tradition.


Things to do in Alluitsup Paa:

  • Fishing
  • Sailing
  • Dog Sledding
  • Kayaking
  • Boat Ride
  • Whale watching


Weather in Alluitsup Paa:

Alluitsup Paa has chilled climate throughout the year and during the summer climate is pleasant and during the winter it is very cold and best time to visit Alluitsup Paa is from May to September.


How to Reach Alluitsup Paa?

Alluitsup Paa is served by Alluitsup Paa Heliport which caters with flights to Narsarsuaq Airport and cruises are operated during the summer season depending on the weather condition to the neighboring countries and boat services are available to visit the nearby towns and villages. Best way to round the village is on foot and one can explore various places and buses and taxis are available in the village plying to neighboring towns and villages.


Where to Stay in Alluitsup Paa?

Alluitsup Paa is small village and there are few guesthouses and hotels in the village which offers basic facilities to the customers. Tour packages are available to Alluitsup Paa with a guide and tourists have to book the hotel room prior visiting the village. Hotels in Alluitsup Paa are listed here below:

  • Qaannivik Hotel
  • Seaside Whale Hotel

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