Places to Visit in Kulusuk Island, Greenland, America

Places to Visit in Kulusuk Island, Greenland, America

Kulusuk Island is situated in Sermersooq municipality in Greenland located towards the southeastern coast of Greenland. Capital of Kulusuk Island is Kulusuk is the fourth largest populated island on the eastern coast of Greenland. Kulusuk Island is a hilly region and few industrial utility buildings are located near airport and the highest mountain on the island is Qalorujoorneq Mountain located at an altitude of 676 meters (2,217 feet) above the sea level. There is one school and hospital in the island and water is available in the island throughout the year due to the lake. Coordinates of Kulusuk Island are 65.5500° N, 37.1167° W.


History of Kulusuk Island:

Eastern Greenland was first inhabited by Saqqaq people and Thule people settled in the island which was uninhabited during the 15th century. The island was uninhabited for over 200 years, until 18th century and later in the year 1880’s population of the island increased. Kulusuk Island was permanently settled in the early 1900’s and village was recognized in the year 1909. In the year 1908, Danish Sailing vessel constructed the church in the village and built using the timbers of the ships.


Places to Visit in Kulusuk Island:

Icebergs Cruise:

Icebergs Cruise operates from June to August and boats have heated cabins and hot refreshments for the comfort of the tourists. The glacial ices are formed out of compacted snow and made entirely of fresh water.


Whale Watching:

Whales are common in the sea and can find different kinds of whale species in the sea and peak season for watching the whale is from July to September. Tourists can come across different kinds of whales like The Minke Whale, The Sperm Whale, Fin Whale, the Killer Whale, and Humpback Whale.


Tasiilaq Mountain Hut:

Tasiilaq Mountain Hut is one of the best base camps for mountaineering in the Kulusuk Island and camp season starts from April till June and there are countless peaks of different levels surrounding the hut.


Things to do in Kulusuk Island:

  • Sea Kayaking
  • Climbing
  • Ice Fishing
  • Summer skiing
  • Sled Driving
  • Gog Sledding
  • Randonne Skiing
  • Trekking


Weather in Kulusuk Island:

Kulusuk Island has polar tundra climate covered by ocean and icebergs and average temperature varies from -9°C to 11°C throughout the year and best time to visit Kulusuk Island is from June to November.


How to Reach Kulusuk Island?

Kulusuk Airport is located at the distance of 1.5 kilometers from center of the town and serves with domestic flights to Nuuk and Tasiilaq and flights are operated by Air Greenland and International flights are served by Reykjavik.

Sea route is available during the summer season operated by the Royal Arctic Line connecting Kulusuk and Tasiilaq and in winter helicopter flights are operated from different parts of Greenland.

Transportation depends on the weather conditions and during summer people of the island use cars and taxis to get around the town and during winter, they use snowmobiles and traditional dogsleds as additional means of transportation.


Where to Stay in Kulusuk Island?

Kulusuk Island is one of the renowned tourism spots in south east Greenland and each hotel in island offers unique facilities to the tourists. There are private accommodation facilities to the tourists where they can stay in individual houses and cook their own food. Some of the hotels in Kulusuk Island are listed here below:

  • Hotel Angmagssalik
  • Hotel Kulusuk
  • Hotel The Red House
  • Robert’s Hotel Apartments
  • Travel Lodge Greenland
  • Discovery Mountain Lodge
  • The Green House
  • In the Settlements

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