Tourist Places to Visit in Road Town, British Virgin Islands, America

Tourist Places to Visit in Road Town, British Virgin Islands, America

Road Town is the capital city of the British Virgin Islands situated on Tortola Island at 18°25′53″N 64°37′23″W. Wickham’s Cay in Road Town is the major commercial, tourism and administrative centre of BVI. HM Prison is the oldest building as well as one of the main landmarks of Road Town. The other landmarks include Old Government House, Harney Westwood & Riegels and the Old Post Office. The name of Road Town is taken from the Nautical Language term ‘the roads’.


Geography of Road Town:

Road Town is located on the Road Harbor at an altitude of 10 meters and it enjoys a tropical climate with maximum temperature of 32 °C during the summer months and 29 °C during the winter months.


Connectivity to Road Town:

Road Town has its own airport with connections to Saint Martin, Saint Thomas, Saint Croix and Puerto Rico. Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport in Beef Island is the nearest international airport to Road Town located at a distance of 13 km.

Road Town houses the harbor of Tortola, served by Tortola ferry with connections to Saint Thomas and other nearby towns.

Locally buses are known as ‘safaris’ which are full-sized passenger vans and very helpful for airport travel and to reach neighboring towns. Also safaris are very cheaper than buses.

Culture, Food and Shopping in Road Town:

Most of the people residing in Road Town belong to Christian community who speak native languages along with official language English.

Road Town houses both traditional market and modern shopping centres which are located in the centre of the town. The major food corners in Road Town include:

  • The Road Town Bakery
  • Roti Palace
  • Indigo Moods
  • Serendipity Bookshop Cafe


Things to do Road Town:

  • Scuba diving
  • Turista Libre Private Tours
  • Shopping
  • Swimming


Places of interest in Road Town:

J.R. O’Neal Botanic Gardens:

J.R. O’Neal Botanic Gardens is the main attraction of Road Town, established in 1979 by British Virgin Islands National Trust, in the centre of the town. This stunning garden is home to different native and foreign plant species such as bougainvillea and hibiscus. Three-tiered fountain, orchid house and tropical bird house are watchable things in the garden.


Fort Burt:

Fort Burt is a Dutch colonial period fort which was constructed several hundred years ago and later it was reconstructed by British when they captured it from Dutch. Presently tourists can see the only ruins of the fort and Fort Burt Hotel and Restaurant adjoins ruins.


Queen Elizabeth II Park:

Queen Elizabeth II Park is a very ancient park, declared as a national park in 1974, houses lot of indigenous and foreign flowers, shrubs and trees including white cedar. The park is also home to children playground.


Other places of interest in Road Town are:

  • Folk History Museum
  • Main Street
  • Crafts Alive Market
  • Government House
  • Road Harbour
  • Sir Olva George’s Plaza
  • HMS Prison
  • St George’s Anglican Church
  • Sunday Morning Well
  • Wickham’s Cay
  • Virgin Islands Folk Museum
  • Methodist Church


Best time to visit Road Town:

The best months to visit Road Town will be September and November.


Accommodation options in Road Town:

Road Town houses most of the luxury accommodation centres of the BVI with upgraded world-class facilitates such as swimming pool, lounge, doctor on call, food on request, spa, recreational activities and airport shuttle. The prominent hotels and resorts in Road Town include:

  • Moorings Mariner Inn Hotel
  • Sea View Hotel
  • Hodge’s Creek Marina Hotel
  • Paradise Suites
  • Prospect Reef Resort
  • Cooper Island Beach Club
  • Hummingbird House
  • Elm Beach Suites
  • Village Cay Hotel
  • Villa Majesty
  • Hotel Castle Maria
  • Fort Recovery Beachfront Villa & Suites Hotel
  • Sebastian’s on the Beach
  • Maria’s by the Sea
  • Nanny Cay Marina & Hotel
  • Fort Burt Hotel

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