Qaanaaq Tourist Places to Visit in Qaanaaq, Greenland, America

Qaanaaq Tourist Places to Visit in Qaanaaq, Greenland, America

Qaanaaq is the town in the Qaasuitsup municipality in the northwestern part of the Greenland. Qaanaaq was previously known as Thule or New Thule and one of the northern most towns in the world. Populace of the town speak Kalaallisut, Danish and Inuktun languages and tallest building of the Greenland is located near the town which is 378 meters in height named as Globecom Tower. Qaanaaq is served by small hospital which was constructed in the year 1950s with basic healthcare facilities. Coordinates of Qaanaaq are 77.4833° N, 69.3333° W.


History of Qaanaaq:

Qaanaaq was inhabited by Paleo Eskimo populaces who migrated from Canadian Arctic and settled around 2000 BC. In the year 1953, United States established the airbase in the town during the cold war.


People and Culture of Qaanaaq:

People of Qaanaaq speaks Kalaallisut, Danish and Inuktun languages and living in the extreme north part of Greenland in chilled climatic conditions and has the ability to adopt the weather conditions practiced from generation to generation and people of the region follow Inuit culture. From 25th to august 18th there will be 24 hours sunlight in the town. Tourists visit the Qaanaaq has to take the permission from the Denmark government before visiting the town.

Places to Visit in Qaanaaq:

Midnight Sun:

Qaanaaq is located at the extreme north and one can experience a long period of midnight sunlight from the month of April 25th to August 18th with 24 hours sunlight in Qaanaaq.


Inuit Culture:

Inuit Culture plays the perfect role in the Qaanaaq and the surrounding four villages and tourists can experience the Inuit Culture and get close to the locals and locals will be glad to involve and teach tourists about their unique way of life.


Qaanaaq Museum:

Qaanaaq Museum is a small museum which displays the thule Post and the Books about the expeditions of Knud Rasmussen and Peter Freuchen and museum is open from Monday to Friday and entry is free.


Things to do in Qaanaaq:

  • Dog Sled
  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Participate in the cultural event in the town
  • Visit the Local village


Weather in Qaanaaq:

Qaanaaq is served by Polar climate and has long winter from the month of October to April and summer season is from May to September and best time to visit Qaanaaq is from the May to September.


How to Reach Qaanaaq?

Qaanaaq is served by Qaanaaq Airport located less than a kilometer distance from the town with regular flights available to and from Kangerlussuaq with a stop in Upernavik airport and flights are operated from cities like Pituffik, Upernavik, Moriusaq and Siorapaluk.

Qaanaaq port caters with regular ferries during the summer season and few ferries will not stop at the port.

Qaanaaq has dirt roads and only road connects to Qaanaaq Airport and vehicles like trucks and SUVs are found in the town but the skis, dogsleds and walking are best way to get around the town.


Where to Stay in Qaanaaq?

Qaanaaq offers some of the accommodation facilities to the customers due to its location it is visited by only few tourists from all over the world and there are hotels and individual rooms for rent in the town which offers facilities like single and double room, kitchen, bathroom, and well furnished rooms and tents are also available in the town at affordable rates. Some of the hotels in Qaanaaq are listed here below:

  • Hotel Qaanaaq
  • Rooms in Qaanaaq
  • Qaanaaq House

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