Tasiilaq Tourist Places to Visit in Tasiilaq, Greenland, America

Tasiilaq Tourist Places to Visit in Tasiilaq, Greenland, America

Tasiilaq is a town in Sermersooq Municipality in south eastern part of the Greenland is the 7th largest town in the Greenland. Tasiilaq is situated at the distance of 110 kilometers from the Arctic Circle. Fishing is the major industry in the town and there are few schools in the town and a hospital and research station by name Sermilik Station located near the town, close to the Mittivakkat Glacier. Coordinates of the Tasiilaq are 65.6667° N, 37.3333° W.


History of Tasiilaq:

Tasiilaq was first inhabited by Saqqaq culture people who visited from eastern Greenland and was recognized as Peary Land and later Dorset culture migrated to the town and later Thule migrated to the area in 15th century. Due to the back migration the western Coast was uninhabited from 200 years until 18th century. Population started to settle in the town during 19th century and permanent settlement was established in the year 1894 by Danish traders and was named as Ammassalik and later in the year 1997, was renamed as Tasiilaq.


Food and Culture of Tasiilaq:

Tasiilaq people speaks Inuktun language and pursue the Inuit culture and there are few restaurants in the town which offers Greenlandic cuisines to the tourists and grocery shop is situated in the center of the town from where tourists can purchase the hiking and camping equipments.

Places to Visit in Tasiilaq:

Ammassalik Museum:

Ammassalik Museum is located at the distance of 2 kilometers from middle of the town and museum was established in the year 1930 and exhibits both the art and cultural items from Inuit Culture and museums will be open from Tuesday to Friday.



There are several boats in the town which offers icebergs boat tours to the tourists and going around the boat, tourists can view some of the astonishing views of the icebergs in near the town and Ikkatteq village in Tasiilaq is the major spot to view the icebergs.


Things to do in Tasiilaq:

  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Diving
  • Angling
  • Fishing


Weather in Tasiilaq:

Tasiilaq is served by tundra climate which has long cold season and short cool summer and average temperature ranges from 10.4 °C (50.7 °F) to −11.2 °C (11.8 °F) and best time to visit Tasiilaq is from May to September.


How to Reach Tasiilaq?

Tasiilaq is not served by airport but Heliport is available in the town and Tasiilaq Heliport operates services to Kulusuk Airport and Kulusuk Airport operates domestic and international flights to Nuuk, Tasiilaq and Reykjavik and helicopter services are available to villages like Isortoq, Kuummiit, Sermiligaaq, and Tiniteqilaaq.

Nearest sea port is Kulusuk port and tourists can avail the ferry services from various towns and cities in Greenland to Kulusuk town and from Kulusuk town there are helicopter services to Tasiilaq town and boats are operated by Royal Arctic Line.

During the winter season dog sled and snowmobiles are available to get around the town and during summer cars can be arranged at the hotels.


Where to Stay in Tasiilaq?

Tasiilaq offers various kind of accommodation facilities to the tourists and accommodation in Tasiilaq is very expensive and tourists can stay with the local family or rent a hut in Tasiilaq if running out of budget and hotels in Tasiilaq offers the facilities like lounge with fireplace, small library, kitchen, living room, bathroom and laundry services and single and double rooms are available in all the hotels. Hotels in Tasiilaq cost from DKK 500 to DKK 1000 and above per day and hotels rooms are very comfortable and clean. Some of the hotels in Tasiilaq are listed below:

  • The Red House Hotel
  • Hotel Ammassalik
  • Travel Lodge Greenland
  • Discovery Mountain Lodge
  • Private Accommodations in Tasiilaq

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