Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Holguin, Cuba, America

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Holguin, Cuba, America

Holguin is a capital city of Holguin province in Cuba country. Holguin municipality is divided into 42 towns covering an area of 253.2 square miles (655.9 square kilometers) and situated at an elevation of 5 meters (16 feet) above the sea level. Holguin hosts many small parks, baseball stadium and international airport and Holguin University. Holguin is surrounded by San Andres, Sao Arriba, Cacocum, Santa Cruz, Estrada, San German, Alcala, Baguano, Floro Perez and Unas and located at the distance of 740 kilometers from the capital of Cuba, Havana. Coordinates of Holguin are 20.8886° N, 76.2572° W.


Places to Visit in Holguin:

Bahia de Naranjo Nature Park:

Bahia de Naranjo Nature Park is around 30 kilometers (19 miles) of shoreline with five natural beaches, archeological sites, caves and pristine desert keys are combined with an offer that also includes a six-kilometer coral reef, a perfect place for scuba diving.


Guardalavaca Beach:

Guardalavaca Beach is renowned beaches in the province visited by local as well as international tourists from all over the world and the beach is crowed during Sundays and government holidays. The local market is vibrant, but do haggle the costs it is expected, and do shop around. The beach bars are very good, lots of music, dancing in the sand and an all round good atmosphere.


Esmeralda Beach:

Esmeralda Beach is around 2950 feet (900 meters) long, is confined by widespread coral reefs, escarpments, cliffs and lush vegetation that provides shadow.


Cayo Saetia:

Cayo Saetia is 16 square miles (42 square kilometers) in dimension, and 65 percent of its area is enclosed with forests. The rest of its territory consists of pastures where American ostriches, antelope, zebras, deer, wild boars, hutias and wild bulls can be found.


Other Places to visit in Holguin:

  • Centro Provincial de Arte
  • Parque Carlos Manuel de Cespedes
  • Parque Calixto Garcia
  • BioParque Rocazul
  • Campina Taina
  • Pesquero Beach
  • Parque de las Flores
  • Playa Esmeralda
  • Loma de la Cruz


Best time to Visit Holguin:

Holguin experiences tropical savanna climate with dry winters and rainy summer and the temperature typically varies from 17° Celsius to 34° Celsius throughout the year. Best time to visit Holguin is from December to February.


How to Reach Holguin?

By Air:

Holguin is served by Frank Pais International Airport located around 15.5 kilometers from the city and busiest airport in the country which operates to the destinations like Havana, Santiago de Cuba,   Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Halifax, Manchester, Toronto, St. John’s, Ottawa, Quebec City, Milan, London, Montreal and Bagotville.


By Train:

Holguin railway station is positioned at the distance of 3 kilometers from the city and railway station receives trains from different parts of cities and towns in the country.


By Road:

Holguin is the capital of the province where all the major transportation services operate from the capital city. Intercity and interstate private and public buses operate from the city to major destinations.


Where to Stay in Holguin?

Holguin is the prominent tourism destination in the country surrounded by beaches, mountain and parks. Hotels in the city offer comfortable rooms and distinguished by the spaciousness and one can choose from an extensive variety of dining and leisure options with beautiful panoramic views and hotels in the city are for every type of tourists with world class amenities. Some of the hotels in Holguin are as follows:

  • Blau Costa Verde Beach Resort Holguin
  • Hotel Playa Costa Verde Holguin
  • Brisas Guardalavaca Hotel Holguin
  • Covarrubias Club Hotel Holguin
  • Hotel Playa Pesquero
  • Riu Playa Turquesa
  • Villa Cayo Saetia
  • Villa Islazur Mirador de Mayabe
  • Casa de Yodalis Trasobares
  • Villa Islazul El Bosque
  • Hotel Pernik
  • Paradisus Rio de Oro Resort & Spa

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