Tourist Places to Visit in Santa Clara, Cuba, America

Tourist Places to Visit in Santa Clara, Cuba, America

Santa Clara lies in the central region of the Villa Clara province in Cuba. The Santa Clara city is divided into various wards and located 70 kilometers away from the Caribbean Sea and 120 kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean and the city is surrounded by Ranchuelo, Placetas, Camajuani, Cifuentes and Manicaragua. Santa Clara is home to number of educational institutions and surrounded by a number of tourist spots and also renowned for some notable personalities. Santa Clara is situated at the distance of 290 kilometers from Havana, capital of Cuba and coordinates are 22.4069° N, 79.9649° W.


History of Santa Clara:

In the year 1689, Santa Clara region was established by 37 people near the Tamarind tree and the city was given many names but finally they named as Santa Clara. City of Santa Clara was designed and developed with a number of buildings, schools, church and hospitals were established in the city. The Cuban Revolution was ended in Santa Clara in the year 1958.


Places to Visit in Santa Clara:

Parque Vidal Park:

Parque Vidal Park was inaugurated in the year 1911 located in the middle of Santa Clara Cuba. Park is renowned for organizing the events every week inside the structure and plays traditional music.

Teatro de La Caridad:

Teatro de La Caridad is the national monument of Cuba constructed in the year 1885 located in Santa Clara city represent the colonial era is one of the 8th grand theaters of Cuban colonial period.


Parque de los Martires:

Parque de Los Martires Park was constructed in the memory of fighters who lost their lives in the independence war and the buildings are surrounded by the park is a good example of the colonial era.


Cathedral de Santa Clara de Asis:

Cathedral de Santa Clara de Asis was established in the year 1940 is a main significant church in the city constructed in neo gothic style with stained glass windows and wonderful architecture.


Other Places to visit in Santa Clara:

  • Tren Blindado
  • Parque del Carmen
  • Parque de la Pastora
  • Parque de la Justicia
  • Mausoleo Che Guevara
  • Centro Cultural El Mejunje
  • Loma del Capiro


Best time to Visit Santa Clara:

Climate in Santa Clara is divided into dry and winter season where the dry season is from May to October with rain and winter season is from November to April. Best time to visit Santa Clara is from December to March.


How to Reach Santa Clara?

Santa Clara is connected by A1 motorway and Carretera Central highway and ring road passes through the city and public and private buses operates from different locations in the country to Santa Clara regularly. Due to the central location of the country, it is the main junction for railway lines and all the major train passes from the city connecting to cities in the county. Abel Santamaría Airport is the main airport in the city located 12 kilometers away from the heart of Santa Clara city which has direct flight services to South, Central and North America, Europe, Mexico and Africa.


Where to Stay in Santa Clara?

Santa Clara is a historical city and has parks, monuments and churches to visit but there are only few hotels in the city that provides world class hospitality and amenities to the customers and few hotels can be found at the distance of 40 kilometers from Santa Clara in Remedios city. Hotels in and around Santa Clara will cost from $ 10 to $ 350 and above per day. Some of the hotels in Santa Clara are listed here below:

  • Hotel Santa Clara Libre
  • Villa Las Brujas
  • Melia Cayo Santa Maria
  • Melia Las Dunas
  • Villa Los Caneyes
  • Occidental Royal Hideaway Ensenachos
  • Sol Cayo Santa Maria
  • Villa La Granjita

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