Places to Visit in Holguin, Afghanistan, Asia

Places to Visit in Holguin, Afghanistan, Europe

Holguin is a city and the capital of Holguin Province in Cuba situated towards the south eastern part of Cuba. Holguin covers total area of 655.9 Sq kms is situated at an elevation of 16 feet (5 meters) above the sea level and industries and tourism helps in the economy of the city and several educational institutions and healthcare facilities are available in the city.

Holguin is surrounded by Aguas Clares, Sao Arriba, San Rafael, Las Biajacas, Yareyal, Cacocum, Baguano and Santa Cruz and Holguin is situated at the distance of 808 kms from capital of Cuba, Havana and coordinates of Holguin are 20.9069° N, 76.2561° W.


Tourism in and around Holguin:

Holguin is one of the main tourism attractions in Cuba situated close to various beaches and mountain regions. Holguin is well known for mountain and tourists have to trek to reach on the top of the mountain and from top tourists can view stunning view the city and neighboring sites. Tourists visit Holguin for its pleasant climate and there are coral reefs, cliffs and flora in and around the city.


Places to visit in Holguin:

Playa Caletones:

Playa Caletones is a beach located at the distance of 35 kms from Holguin city in Gibara and this beach is visited by local and water of the beach is crystal clear and famed beaches in Holguin city.


Playa Esmeralda:

It is one of the famed beaches in Holguin situated at the distance of 50 kms from Holguin city and this beach is famed because it is bounded by lagoons, abundance of greenery and Bahia Naranjo Nature park is situated just 4 kms from the beach.


Parque Nacional Sierra del Cristal:

This national park is situated in Holguin province at the distance of 70 kms in Mayari city and national park is oldest national parks in Cuba which was established in the year 1930 and home for Holguin’s highest peak.


Parque Nacional Monumento Bariay:

It is situated in center of the city and monument was established in the year 1992 and a multi-purpose park and home from archeological museum.


Other tourists Places near Holguin:

  • Guardalavaca Beach
  • Playa Blanca Beach
  • Salto del Guayabo
  • Cayo Saetia
  • Parque Natural Bahia de Naranjo
  • Paracaidismo Guardalavaca
  • Las Guanas Eco-Archaeological Trail


Best Time to Visit Holguin:

Holguin is famed for its beaches and best time to visit Holguin is between the months of November to April.


How to Reach Holguin?

By Air:

Frank Pais International Airport is located at the distance of 15 kms from Holguin city is the major airport in the province of Holguin which operates domestic and international flights to several cities across the globe.


By Sea:

Holguin is situated few kms away from small port and tourists can avail boat services in Cuba country.


By Road:

Holguin has well developed road networks and tourists can avail bus services from various parts of Cuba to Holguin city regularly and taxi, car and motorbikes are other means of transportation accessible in the country.


Where to Stay in Holguin?

Holguin is renowned tourism destinations in Cuba and hotels in Holguin may cost from $ 30 to $ 100 and above per night and provides world class facilities to customers and few hotels are situated at the distance of 30 kms from near the beach. Some of the hotels in and around Holguin city are listed here below:

  • Blau Costa Verde Beach Resort
  • Club Amigo Atlantico Guardalavaca
  • Playa Costa Verde Hotel
  • Riu Playa Turquesa
  • Sol Rio De Luna Y Mares Resort
  • Brisas Guardalavaca
  • Paradisus Rio De Oro Resort and Spa
  • Playa Pesquero
  • Sirenis Playa Turquesa
  • Hotel Santiago
  • Hotel Majestic
  • Hotel Tour Arcada
  • Hotel Ferroviario
  • Hotel Playa Pesquero

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