Best Tourist Places to Visit in Kangan, Iran, Asia

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Kangan, Iran, Asia

Kangan is a county situated in Bushehr Province in Iran between 27°39′ north latitude and 52°31′ east longitude. It is located about 210 kms southeast of provincial capital Bushehr and about 1230 kms south of Tehran, the capital of Iran. Bandar Kangan is the capital city of Kangan County. Central District is the one district and Bandar Kangan, Bandar Siraf and Bank are the three major cities in Kangan County.


Economy of Kangan:

Kangan houses few small and medium scale industries and is home to many well facilitated schools and colleges.


Connectivity to Kangan:

The nearest airport to Kangan is Jam Airport located at a distance of 70 kms. Bushehr International Airport is placed about 210 kms from Kangan with domestic flights to Isfahan, Mashad and Tehran and international flights to Kuwait and Dubai.

There are frequent buses available at Kangan City Bus Stand to reach Bushehr, Tehran, Shiraj, Arak, Ardabil and other major cities of the province and country as well.

Jeeps and Minivans are helpful to move within the city and to reach tourist destinations and airport.


Food, Culture and Shopping in Kangan:

Kangan is home to greater majority of Muslim citizens, followed by Christians and other communities. Persian is the national language and a very commonly spoken language in all the regions of Bushehr Province including Kangan. Football is very popular and highly encouraged sport in Kangan and few Kangan persons are playing in Shahin-e Bushehr football team. Also Kangan is the home town to several famous poets and writers.

Ghalieh Mahi is very popular dish among the areas of Kangan and Ghovatou, Koloocheh and Masgati are also famous. The city hosts few star hotels and well facilitated restaurants, offer the food from Asian especially Chinese and Indian and variety of Western countries. One can find the city of Bushehr for diverse quality food from the different regions of the globe.

Tourists can purchase carpets, ornaments, ancient wooden items at the handicraft shops of Kangan and also the city houses many modern cloth and shoe centres, mobile stores, general stores and gadget centres as well.


Tourist Attractions in Kangan:


Mabad Poseidon:

Mabad Poseidon is a beautifully constructed temple situated in Bushehr, placed in the vicinity of several tourist attractions.


Qavam Water Reservoir:

Qavam Water Reservoir serves the higher majority of agricultural needs of Bushehr Province.


Tomb of Abdul Mohaymrn:

Abdul Mohaymrn Tomb is situated in Bushehr, constructed in the memory of famous Iranian Abdul Mohaymrn.


Persian Gulf Beach:

Persian Gulf Beach is one of the must visit places in Bushehr Province magnetizes tourists from all over the province.


The Holy Christ Church:

The Holy Christ Church is a pilgrim place of Bushehr Christians, located few kilometers away from Bushehr City.


Shaykh Sadoon Mosque:

Shaykh Sadoon Mosque is considered as one of the major sacred places of Bushehr Muslims.


Other tourist attractions near Kangan include:

  • The Holy Christ Church
  • Gurestan Bastani
  • Deje Borazjan
  • Kakhe Tauke
  • House of Malik
  • House of Dehdashti
  • Shahzade Ebrahim
  • Qazi House
  • Castle of Khormuj
  • House of Raies Ali Delvari


Best time to visit Kangan:

From September to January is the best time to reach Bushehr to visit historical places.


Accommodation Options in Kangan:

The hotels of Kangan are known for the upgraded hospitality services with facilities of fitness centres, hot water bath, garden area and air ticket booking. The major hotels in Kangan and Bushehr (about 210 kms) are listed here below:

  • Sadaf Hotel
  • Boushehr Inn
  • Delavar Hotel
  • Hafez Guest House
  • Iran Guest House
  • Reza Hotel
  • Sadi Hotel
  • Sadra Tourism Hotel
  • Seyaf Hotel
  • Aseman Hotel
  • Dariush Grand Hotel

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