Tourist Places to Visit in Chah Bahar, Iran, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Chah Bahar, Iran, Asia

Chah Bahar is the capital of Chah Bahar County in Sistan and Baluchestan Province of Iran, located about 630 kms south of provincial capital Zahedan and about 1809 kms southeast of national capital Tehran. Chah Bahar Port is the major landmark of Chah Bahar.


Geography and Climate of Chah Bahar:

Chah Bahar is placed between latitude 25°17′31″in the north and longitude 60°38′35″ in the east.

Chah Bah experiences a hot desert climate with hot and humid summers and warm and cool winters.


Etymology and History of Chah Bahar

The name Chah Bahar derives from two Persian words ‘Char’ means ‘four’ and ‘Bahar’ means ‘spring’.

Some of regions of Chah Bahar were damaged during the Iran-Iraq War.


Economy of Chah Bahar:

Chah Bahar is one of the port cities of Iran with economy based on fishing. It exports fresh fishes to the cities in bordering countries.


Landmarks in Chah Bahar:

  • Chah Bahar Port
  • International University of Chabahar


Connectivity to Chah Bahar:

Chah Bazar has good connectivity with Zahedan and other cities of the Province through air, sea and roadways. Chah Bazar is served by Konarak Airport with daily air services to Tehran, weekly 3 flights to Zahedan and weekly 2 flights to Bandar Abbas, Mashhad and Shiraz. It is also well connected with Mascat, Doha and Dubai by weekly air services.

There are regular buses accessible at Chah Bazar Bus Stand and also the city is well connected with bordering country cities by boat. Taxis and Minivans are very common in Chah Bazar.


Culture, Cuisine and Shopping in Chah Bahar:

The population of Chah Bahar covers the citizens of Hanafi Sunni, Baha’i Faith, Zikris and kojas or Ismaili. The culture and tradition of Chah bazaar is different from region to region and from community to community. Persian is the official and very commonly spoken language in Chah Bahar.

The meat, fish, egg is common among the Chah Bahar natives diet. Also the locals have good interest in vegetarian dishes made with milk and butter. Ash-e Torsh, Baqala bij, Potpoto, Mirza Qasemi, Shur Mahi, Naz Khatun, Suluf Khorosh, Eshkene, Naz Khatun and Qortow are very popular dishes among the natives of Chah Bahar.

Chah Bahar is home to the hotels of traditional Iranian, Indian, Chinese and Western countries. Other than hotels, Chah Bahar houses the handicraft shops, retail outlets, electrical and electronic showrooms and shoe and cloth shops.


Places to see near Chah Bahar:


Chah Bahar Port:

Chah Bahar Port is the major landmark as well as famous tourist destinations in Chah Bahar. Most of people visit this port during the weekends.


Makki Mosque:

Makki Mosque is the pilgrim centre of Muslims located in Zahedan of Sistan and Baluchestan Province.


Jame Mosque:

Jame Mosque is situated in Zahedan attracts Muslim devotees from all around the province.


Other tourist attractions near Chah Bahar include:

  • Sikh Gurdwara
  • Rasouli Bazaar
  • Friday Mosque


Best time to visit Chah Bahar:

February, May and November are the best months to holiday Chah Bazar to enjoy the beauty of tourist destinations.


Accommodation Options in Chah Bahar:

Budgeted, mid range and luxury hotels in Chah Bahar and Zahedan are as follows:

  • Lale International Hotel
  • Lipar Hotel
  • Keshtirani Tourist Guest House
  • Sepideh Hotel
  • Darya Hotel
  • Setareh Abby Hotel APT
  • Esteghlal Hotel
  • Kavir Hotel
  • Hotel Bahar
  • Khavar Hotel
  • Bakhar Hotel
  • Abozar Hotel
  • Zaver Pearl Continental Hotel
  • Hormoz Hotel

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