Tourist Places to Visit in Sargodha, Pakistan, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Sargodha, Pakistan, Asia

Sargodha is the eleventh largest city of Pakistan situated in Sargodha District of Punjab Province is situated towards the north-east of the country and is home to PAF Base Mushaf, the largest airbase of Pakistan and the central unit of Pakistan Air Force’s Central Air Command.

Sargodha is the fifth largest city of Punjab well known for citrus production. The other agricultural products grown in Sargodha include wheat, rice, sugar cane, onions, cauliflower, potatoes and tomatoes. Shah Muhammad Colony, Gulshan Jamal, University of Sargodha & Allama Iqbal Open University and Khayyam Chowk are the major landmarks of Sargodha. Sargodha city houses many small and medium scale industries also.


Geography of Sargodha:

Sargodha is geographically positioned at 32°5′1″ N 72°40′16″ E with total area of 5,854 sq. km is located about 180 kms northwest of Lahore, the capital of Punjab Province and about 240 kms from Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan.

Sargodha features extreme hot and cold climate during summer and winter seasons respectively.


History of Sargodha:

The name Sargodha originated from two local language words ‘Sar’ means ‘Pond’ and ‘Godha’ means ‘Sadhu’. Sargodha gained more importance after the British Empire built Royal Air Force here.

Connectivity to Sargodha:

Sargodha has one airbase but it is not allowed for public and in use by the military. Currently Faisalabad International Airport is the nearest airport to Sargodha located at a distance of 100 kms with connections to almost all the prime cities of the country and few foreign destinations.

Sargodha has its own railway station situated within the city. Niazi Bus Terminal is the one of the most important bus station of the city and there are plenty of Lahore and Islamabad cities buses depart from morning to evening. One can use Auto Rickshaws or Jeeps for local travel.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Sargodha:

There are different cultural and sports competitions held at Mela Mandi Ground on every March which gathers participants from all over Pakistan.

Sargodha is well known for Oranges, so don’t forget to taste Sargodha oranges. The best food corners and bakeries in Sargodha include:

  • Lucky Broast
  • Ameen Dhoda House
  • Ludhiana Sweets
  • Baba Jee Sweet House
  • Faqeeriya k Chawal Channay

Sargodha houses numerous big shopping centres, branded cloth, shoe stores and gadget centres as well.

Places to see in Sargodha:

Midh Ranjha:

Midh Ranjha is a very old and very big banyan tree in Abhal-Mohri village in Sargodha. Chanab River flows near this beautiful tree. Midh Ranjha is considered as one of the must see places in Sargodha.



Bhera is the birth place of Sufi Saint Hazrat Mehar Ali Shah. The surroundings of the town witnessed the battle between Alexandar the Great and Porus.


Takht Hazara:

Takht Hazara is a historical town and is the home town of popular ‘Ranjaha’ and houses one beautifully constructed ancient mosque.


Company Bagh:

Company Bagh also called as Jinnah Garden is an ancient garden and most of the people visit this garden at evening to breath healthy air.


The list of other tourist attractions in Sargodha is as follows:

  • Shaheen Chowk
  • Ghani Park
  • Gulshan Jamal
  • Jinnah Hall
  • Jamia Masjid Hamid Ali Shah
  • Jinnah Library
  • Rehmatul-il-alameeen Park
  • Faizan e Madina
  • Jamia Masjid Ashrafia
  • Queen’s Chowk


Best time to visit Sargodha:

Between January and March is the ideal time to visit Sargodha.


Accommodation Options near Sargodha:

The hotels of Sargodha offers the facilities of AC, swimming pool, fitness centre, laundry and cable TV. The prominent budget and international hotels in Sargodha are as follows:

  • Karana Hotel
  • Abash Hotel
  • Night Inn
  • Marvi Hotel
  • Pak Continental Hotel
  • Ques International Hotel
  • Q’s International Hotel
  • Marlbro Hotel
  • Madina Hotel
  • Marlboro Hotel
  • Lords Hotel
  • Al-Hayat Hotel
  • Sargodha Hotel
  • Ibrahim Hotel

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