Places to Visit in Luang Namtha, Laos, Asia

Places to Visit in Luang Namtha, Laos, Asia

Luang Namtha is the capital town of Luang Namtha Province situated at the coordinates of 20°57′ N 101°24′ E in northern Laos. It is a popular tourist centre located about 813 kms away from the national capital Vientiane. Luang Namtha Province is spread over an area of 145,289 sq. km.

Tourism is the main economy source of Luang Namtha. Apart from the tourism, people are involved in sugar cane and rubber production, lignite and copper mining and handicraft production. Luang Namtha Museum is a major landmark of Luang Namtha.

Luang Namtha Province is surrounded by Oudomxai Province in the east and southeast, Yunnan, China on the north, Bolikhamsai Province in the southwest and Kachin State, Burma towards northwest.


History of Luang Namtha:

Luang Namtha is located on the banks of Nam Tha River and the literal meaning of Luang Namtha in Lao language is “The area around the Tha River “.


Food and Culture in Luang Namtha:

According to 2005 census, Luang Namtha had a population of 145,289 and it is measured that, presently Luang Namtha population exceeds to more than 160000. The population of Luang Namtha includes the tribes of Khamu, Akha, Hmong, Yao and Lanetene.

Luang Namtha has two banks and one post office, offer cash change on 3% commission. The restaurants of Luang Namtha serve tourists with variety of dish from Lao, Thai and Ersatz Western. The night market of Luang Namtha is special to purchase soups, Laab, fine Lao coffee and BBQ chicken. The famous restaurants of Luang Namtha include Boat Landing Restaurant, orest Retreat Bamboo Lounge, Minority Restaurant and Aysha Indian Restaurant. Luang Namtha houses few internet cafes and several hotels and they provide free WiFi service.


Connectivity to Luang Namtha:

Luang Namtha is served by Luang Namtha Airport located 1 km away from the centre of the city. It will take 1 hour to reach national capital Vientiane from Luang Namtha by air. Boat and buses are also commonly used in Luang Namtha to reach tourist destinations and nearby cities as well.


Places to see in Luang Namtha:


Luang Namtha Museum:

Luang Namtha Museum is the major landmark and a popular tourist destination in Luang Namtha. The museum has a great collection of handicraft products, variety of ancient clothes, Khamu bronze drums, household utensils, ceramics and classical instruments.


Wat Sing Jai Buddha Statue:

Wat Sing Jai Buddha Statue is golden color statue located in Muangsing, about 66 kms from Luang Namtha. It is located in the vicinity of popular Muangsing Guest House.


Nam Dee Waterfall:

Nam Dee waterfall is a best weekend picnic spot situated in Luang Namtha. It is visited by most numbers of bordering country tourists from China along with local environment beauty lovers.


Nam Ha National Biodiversity Conservation Area:

Nam Ha National Biodiversity Conservation Area spans over an area of 2,244 square kilometers with 90% of dense forest. It is home to banteng, Asian wild dogs, tigers, clouded leopard, bears, gibbons and monkeys and also houses 288 species of rare birds.


The list of other special attractions of Luang Namtha is as follows:

  • Wat Namkeo
  • Gneung Phou Ku Lom Waterfall


Ideal time to visit Luang Namtha:

From January to March is the best time to visit Luang Namtha, where the weather is ideal for trekking, bicycle riding and boating.


Accommodation options in Luang Namtha:

The budgeted and luxury resorts and guest houses in and around Luang Namtha are:

  • Thoulasith Guest House
  • Zuela Guesthouse
  • Tai Dam Guesthouse
  • The Boat Landing Guest House
  • Dokchampa Hotel
  • Yuranan Guesthouse
  • Adounsiri Guest House
  • Kham King Guest House
  • Ulanan Guesthouse
  • Vila Guest House
  • Sokxay Thone Resort
  • Nam Tha River Side Guesthouse
  • Luang Namtha Guest House
  • Villa PhouNguern


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