Places to Visit in Bahawalnagar, Pakistan, Asia


Best Places to Visit in Bahawalnagar, Pakistan

Bahawalnagar Zoo

Bahawalnagar is a town and a district headquarters for the Bahawalnagar district in the province of Punjab.  Bahawalnagar is located to the East of Punjab province around 260 Km to the South of Lahore, the capital of Eastern province of Pakistan.  Bahawalnagar is around 545 km via the Islamabad – Lahore main road M2 to the South of the Pakistan’s capital city Islamabad.

Bahawalnagar district with its five administrative sub-divisions has an area of over 8800 Sq. Km with Punjabi and its variant dialects speaking population dominating the area. To the East of Bahawalnagar is the border of India and to the West is the city of Multan which is around 210 Km to the North is the Okara District and to the South is the Bahwalpur district.

The climate in Bahawalnagar is hot summers to mild to cold winters with rainfall during monsoon seasons.  The summer temperature can rise up-to 50o C and the winter temperature can go as low as to -1o. Agriculture is the main occupation of the people of Bahawalnagar growing various crops and irrigated by Sutlej River.

History of Bahawalnagar in Pakistan:

Bahawalnagar in Punjab province of Pakistan and was known as Rojhan Waali that was settled by Muslim refugees from India after the migration of the minority Sikh and Hindu population to India, in the wake of creation of Pakistan out of majority Muslim populated North Western Frontier in 1947 by the British rulers during Indian independence struggle. Bahawalnagar has long history of having being ruled by the various dynasties since the Harrapa and Mohenjo-daro.

Food and Culture in Bahawalnagar in Pakistan:

Bahawalnagar is an agricultural area with the consumption of wheat products and drinks of Lassi which are popular among the population across the Punjab province.

The Muslim majority population of Bahawalnagar follows the three Muslim festivals in full religious fervor though the language of Punjabi is spoken by most of the people with variation in dialects and the national language of Urdu is also spoken widely and English speaking limited to the educated group.  Bahawalnagar has large Christian population and living around the railway colony in Bahawalnagar, celebrating Christian festivals.  The minority Hindus also follow their traditional customs and festivities with taboos in celebrating the festivals openly.

Shopping and Things to do in Bahawalnagar in Pakistan:

Shopping in Bahawalnagar is mainly done for the local artifacts that are available in various markets and stores.  One can visit the local Zoo and Fort Abbas and the best season to visit Bahawalnagar is around the season of winter starting from November to the end of February.

Tourist Attractions in Bahawalnagar in Pakistan:

Bahawalnagar is not a tourist destination and the tourist attractions are mainly in the city of Lahore at a distance of 260 Km from Bahawalnagar.  The local tourist attractions in Bahawalnagar are:

Fort Abbas

Places to Visit in Bahawalnagar

Bahawalnagar Zoo

Bahawalnagar Zoo

Connectivity to Bahawalnagar in Pakistan:

Bahawalnagar is connected by the network of roads connecting the main road N5 from Lahore at a distance of 260 Km and Bahawalpur at a distance of 175 Km is to the Southwest.  The city of Multan to the West is connected by Vehari road at a distance of 200 Km from Bahawalnagar.  The Railway Station is located on Circular Road around 2 Km to the South of Bahawalnagar with trains from Multan and Lahore stopping in Bahawalnagar.  Bahawalnagar has a heliport for those traveling by helicopters to land and the nearest airport for reaching of Bahawalnagar is at Lahore.

Hotel Accommodation in Bahawalnagar in Pakistan:

Bahawalnagar has local hotels and the star quality hotels are in the city of Lahore.

  • Pearl Continental Hotel – Lahore 5*
  • Avari Hotel – Lahore 4*
  • Hospitality Inn 3*
  • Hotel Bhurban International 3*
  • Lock Wood Hotel 2*
  • Sleep Inn Hotel & Restaurant 2*
  • Forest view Guest House
  • Gauf Hotel
  • Cecil Hotel
  • Musiari Hotel

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