Best Tourist Places to Visit in Badin, Pakistan, Asia

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Badin, Pakistan, Asia

Badin is an administrative district town located in the Sind Province to the South East of Pakistan.  Badin is a saintly town with number of shrines of the Sind saints that are visited by people from various places from across Pakistan.  Badin is an industrial town with mostly sugar industries and few oil refineries. Agricultural is also undertaken in certain fertile areas of Badin’s five talukas in its vast area of 6700 Sq. Km. Rice is the main crop that is cultivated extensively in Badin.


Badin is around 1400 km from the State capital Islamabad in the North and the nearest city is Hyderabad at a distance of 100 Km to the Northwest. The capital of Sindh district Karachi is around 220 Km to the West. The Kutch district of Gujarat a state in India is to the East of Badin. To the South of Badin is the Arabian Sea.


The climate in Badin is influenced by the Sea breeze that influences the temperature and summer is hot and humid with scarce rainfall. Badin is always water logged and flooded by cyclones and the land is marshy in the southern end with Thar Desert in the North.



History of Badin in Pakistan:


Badin was made into a district head quarters of Sindh Province after Pakistan gained independence in 1947 from the British. It basically lies in the Rann of Kutch, the salty and marshy land with desert conditions to its North and sharing the boundary to the East with India at Sir Creek Estuary.


Food and Culture in Badin in Pakistan:


In Badin the wheat products and rice are consumed with sweets and chats in large quantities and also the sea food consumed on regular basis.


Badin is known for the many shrines of Sindh saints and follow the regular annual celebrations of venerating these saints in pomp and style, following the typical Sindhi culture of dance and music and irrespective religion and classes in the society, take part enthusiastically in these functions.



Shopping and Things to do in Badin in Pakistan:


Shopping is mainly done for the Sindhi artifacts and the hand embroidered silk saris and jewelries for bridal wear.


In Badin one can visit the war museum and get the glimpses of the machines that are used in the 1965 war with India.  Though Badin has vast land area which is not tourist friendly, one can visit the coasts of Badin to known the lifestyle of the people living in these areas.



Tourist Attractions in Badin in Pakistan:


Badin is not a tourist destination and the attraction is the costal region where one can observe the life style of the people making a living in the marshy lands and swamps of the Sir Creek delta.



Connectivity to Badin in Pakistan:


Badin is connected to various taluks in its district and towns and cities of Sind Province by over 2000 Km of road network.  The important cities of Hyderabad and Karachi, at a distance of 100 Km and 220 Km are well connected to Badin by the main road M5.  The railway line via the taluka of Matli connects Badin to the city of Hyderabad.  The nearest airport to reach Badin is at Hyderabad city at a distance of 100 Km. The international airport of Karachi the Jinnah airport is about 175 Km from Badin. Talhar airport in Badin handles local flights.



Hotel Accommodation in Badin in Pakistan:


Badin is a small town to the Southeast of Pakistan and not a tourist destination and there are no quality hotels in Badin.  The hotels are mainly in the city of Hyderabad at a distance of 100 Km and those offering star quality facilities are in the city of Karachi at a distance of 220 Km.


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  • Sheraton Karachi Hotel 4*
  • Ramada Plaza Karachi 3*
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