Gilgit Tourist Places to Visit in Gilgit, Pakistan, Asia

Gilgit Tourist Places to Visit in Gilgit, Pakistan, Asia

Gilgit of Pakistan is located in the Northern areas or Gilgit-Baltistan, a non-constitutional province of Pakistan that was occupied by the Pakistan in late 1948.  Gilgit is the capital of Gilgit-Baltistan province of Himalayan mountainous region with over 72000 Sq. Km at an elevation of 1500 meters.  Gilgit to its South East is the Indian territory of Jammu & Kashmir and Azad Kashmir to the South and to the West is the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and to the Northwest is the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan and to Northeast and East is the autonomous areas of China and the areas ceded by Pakistan to China.


Gilgit in the karkoram range of Himalayan Mountains has the K2 Mountain for the adventurers for climbing expedition.  The Gilgit area is hospitable only for a brief period of four months from to June to September that experiences hot weather during summers and cold winters from October to May and is subjected to frequent landslides.



History of Gilgit in Pakistan:


Gilgit was known as Northern territories during the British rule and it was part of the border agreement between the Russian country and British Empire as the region Wakhan Corridor located to the Northeastern tip of Afghanistan and to North of Gilgit in late 19th century.  Gilgit was part of the great Silk Route from China leading to Afghanistan and beyond to Arab countries.  Gilgit was part of the many dynasties and during the partition of 1947 between India and Pakistan; Gilgit was occupied by the Pakistan troops resulting in United Nations Intervention.


Food and Culture in Gilgit in Pakistan:


The climatic conditions of the cold Himalayas have made the Gilgit population to consume food that are conducive for adapting to cold weather such as drinking milk of the Yalk and mare and also consumption of meat and dairy products and large quantity of food.


Gilgit was predominately a Hindu and Buddhist region before the Islam took routes with occupation of Gilgit by various Muslim clans from across Arab and Afghan countries and lately by the Pakistan army bringing under the control of Pakistan with UN intervention.  The people are generally nomadic tending their cattle and processing the wool from the sheep and dealing in dairy products. These people of mongoloid origin with ethnic mix speaking Balti dialect of Tibetan and Ladakhi language and the Shina language a mixture of various other minor languages are spoken widely in Gilgit.



Shopping and Things to do in Gilgit in Pakistan:


Gilgit being a hill tourist destination in Pakistan has many local artifacts that unique to the Himalayan ranges, for purchasing to keep as memories by the tourists.


Gilgit with Skardu are the two hill stations that offer to the tourists many options of trekking and mountain climbing of the K2 and Nanga Parbat and many high altitude lakes, large glaciers, Deosai Plains etc.



Tourist Attractions in Gilgit in Pakistan:


  • Mountains: Mountains in Himalayas K2 and Nanga Parbat for climbers and trekkers.
  • High Altitude Lakes: Satpara Tso Lake, Shesoar Lake, Zharba Taso Lake, Borith Lake, Rama Lake, Rush Lake etc.


  • Karkoram Highway: Highest man made road in the mountains passing through picturesque valleys and the mountain rocks on the side of the road contain inscriptions and Petroglyphs of Buddhists.




Connectivity to Gilgit in Pakistan:


The mountains terrain of Gilgit is connected by the Karakoram Highway connecting the capital city of Pakistan Islamabad in the South to Gilgit at a distance of 500 Km in the North and the Karakoram Highway extends from Gilgit to the towns and cities of China in the North with regular bus services of NATCO via Kunjerab pass to Kashgar which is around 400 Km, that is always inundated with snowfall and avalanches.  There is no railway network to Gilgit and by flight Gilgit is connected to Islamabad by small aircrafts.



Hotel Accommodation in Gilgit in Pakistan:


  • Serena Hotel – 4*
  • Bagrote Sarai Hotel
  • PTDC Chinar Inn
  • JSR Hotel
  • Golden Peak Hotel and Restaurant
  • Madina Hotel and Guest House

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