Places to Visit in Sumqayit, Azerbaijan, Asia

Places to Visit in Sumqayit, Azerbaijan, Asia

Sumqayit is one of the biggest cities in Azerbaijan. It is positioned in the vicinity of the Caspian Sea and just about 30 km from the capital city Baku. The city was established in the year 1949.  It houses the Culture and Leisure Park which was constructed in the year 1967. The park hosts diverse genuses of lush green vegetation. The city commercially well developed and has numerous educational institutions and health care units. The coordinates of Sumqayit is 40°35′23″ N 49°40′07″ E the city spans over an area of 83 km2 (32 sq mi) and positioned 85 feet above the sea level. Sumqayit is the largest city in Azerbaijan followed by Baku and Ganja.

Tourist Attractions in Sumqayit


Mugham is one of the most significant melodic work of art from Azerbaijan. It is an extremely difficult art form that combines the conventional verse and melodious creativeness in precise confined styles. The selection of an exacting mugham and the mode of presentation fit a particular occasion. The theatrical describing in the presentation is characteristically connected with escalating concentration and intensifying volumes which forms a sacred connection amongst the performers and the listeners.

Gulustan Palace

Gulustan Palace is positioned 35 km from the Sumqayit city. It was initially recognized as the Gulustan Wedding Palace Complex in the realm of the Soviet epoch. It is the chief ethnic hub of the Azerbaijani government. The citadel was structured by Alish Lambaranski in the year 1970 and was planned by F. Rustamova, T. Sharinski, N. İsmayilov, Abbas Alasgarov and H. Amirkhanov. The bastion acts as an executive amenity for both the private and government institutes that organize different social activities.

Buta Palace

Buta Palace is positioned 44 km from the Sumqayit city. The Buta citadel is one of the chief theater arts and music hubs in the city of Baku.

Baku Expo Center

Baku Expo Center is positioned just around 35 km from the Sumqayit city. It is a global standard premeditated dealing place. The area of the center spreads above 30 sq km and comprises of exposition space with amenities such as seminars, meetings, presentations and conferences.

Shikhov Beach

Shikhov Beach is just around 45 km from the Sumqayit city. It is a recreational region in the vicinity of the Shikhov Cape.

Yanar Dag

Yanar Dag is a natural gas blaze which glares incessantly on a knollside on the Absheron isthmus. The inferno spritz out to the space around 10 feet from a slender leaky granite stratum.

Fountains Square

Fountains Square is positioned just around 35 km from Sumqayit. It is the public terminal in the downtown of Baku. The Fountains Square gets its name from the numerous springs that were created all over the square during the Soviet realm.

Martyrs’ Lane

Martyrs’ Lane which was initially recognized as the Kirov Park is burial ground and monument in the capital city Baku. It is devoted to those who were executed by the Soviet militia throughout the Black January.

Best season to visit Sumqayit

The summers are very warm and dry. There is minimal rainfall during the monsoon season. The climate during the winter tends to be very cold and the temperature dropdown at Sumqayit.

Accessibility to Sumqayit

Sumqayit is connected to the capital city Baku through the road networks. One can get buses from Baku to reach Sumqayit. Baku is about 30 kms and Ganja is about 360 kms away from Sumqayit.

Accommodations in Sumqayit

List of hotels in Sumqayit is as follows:

  • AF Hotel
  • Dair Hotels & Restaurants
  • Term Hotel
  • Premier Hotel
  • Grand Hotel Europe
  • JW Marriott Absheron
  • AF Hotel-Aqua Park – Aparthotel
  • Royal Park
  • Chirag Plaza
  • Happy Inn Hotel
  • Boutique Palace
  • Noah’s Ark Hotel

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