Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Ganja, Azerbaijan, Asia

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Ganja, Azerbaijan, Asia

Ganja is the second biggest metropolis in Azerbaijan. It was initially titled as Elisabethpol during the realm of Russia. It is the cenotaph of the prehistoric ethnicity and the commercial hub of the west Azerbaijan. It houses several primordial structures such as Gizil Hajali synagogue, Sharafkhanli, Bala Bagban, Shakhsevan synagogue, Darus Sultan stronghold, cathedral mosques and so on. Ore vestiges which are excavated from the nearby mines are the source to the commercial business of Ganja. The city produces ceramics made of porcelain, carpets, converts the agricultural end products and also Viticulture. The geographical coordinates of Ganja is 40°40′58″ N 46°21′38″ E and the city spans over an area of 110 km2 (40 sq mi) and positioned 409 meters above the sea level. Ganja is about 155 kms from Azerbaijan city.


Major pointers at Ganja

  • Ganja State University
  • Azerbaijan State Agricultural Academy
  • Azerbaijan Technological University
  • Azerbaijan Teachers Institute
  • Chokak Bath
  • City Center of Ganja
  • Ganja Mall
  • Mayoralty of Ganja
  • Shah Abbas Mosque
  • Ganja International Airport


Tourist Attractions in Ganja

Gates of Ganja

Gates of Ganja are the samples of the hand crafted artifacts of Ganja during the medieval periods. The Gates of Ganja were made by Master Ibrahim ibn Osman on the order of the Shavur I the then sovereign of Shaddadids Empire. The peripheral section of the iron gates of the Ganja citadel were ornamented with curios and streamers in accordance to the track order. The creators name and the date on which it was made are inscribed on the summit of the gates with “kufic” libretto. In the year 1139, when Demetrius I the Tsar of Georgia invaded the city and transported the gates to their place.

Nizami Mausoleum

Nizami Mausoleum was constructed as a commemoration to Nizami Ganjavi who used to be a poet in the period of 12th century. It is positioned at the peripherals of the city. The burial chamber was initially constructed in the year 1947. It is an elevated spherical structure enveloped by lush green vegetations. In the vicinity one can find metal statuettes memorializing Nizami’s classic verses.

Nizami Ganjavi

Nizami Ganjavi whose official name was Nizam ad-Din Abu Muhammad Ilyas ibn-Yusuf ibn-Zakki used to be a Persian poet during the 12th century. His foremost work is the renowned Quinary or Panj Ganj or Khamsa. It includes the five Persian compilation of Nezami – Makhzan al-Asrar, Khosrow o Shirin, Layli o Majnun, Eskandar Nameh and Haft Paykar.

Juma Mosque of Ganja (Shah Abbas)

Juma Mosque is positioned in the heart of Ganja. It was constructed in the year 1606. The sanctuary is also recognized as the Shah Abbas Mosque since it was constructed under his supervision. The mosque is structured with red stone that used to be the convention of Ganja in that period. Mirza Shafi Vazeh the Azerbaijani poet gave his sermons in this place.

Places of interest in and around Ganja

  • The European Bath
  • Caucasian Albanian Church
  • The Armenian Church
  • Russian Orthodox Church
  • The Ganja State Philharmonic Chamber


Best season to visit Ganja

The best time to visit Ganja is during the months of April to June and October to November. The summers are very hot with humidity. It gets moderate downpour. The climate during the winter season is very cold.

Accessibility to Ganja

By Air: Ganja International Airport is positioned in the heart of the city and gets direct flights from Baku and other flights from all over the globe. One can hire a taxi or get into a local transport to go around the destination. Ganja is about 155 kms from Azerbaijan city.

By Train: Ganja is placed on the Azerbaijani mail line which links the capital city Baku to the major cities across the country. It also serves for commercial purpose. One can hire a taxi from the station or get into a local transport to go around the destination.


Accommodations in Ganja

Ganja has some well renowned hotels with spa, bar, travel desk, package tours and airport pick up and drop facilities and many special services and all the requirements are met with affordable budget. Some of the hotels in Ganja are listed here below.

  • Ramada Plaza Gence
  • My Way Hotel
  • Ganja Hotel
  • El Hotel
  • Helenendorf Hotel
  • Chinar Hotel & Spa
  • Kur Hotel
  • Hotel Artsvaberd
  • Hotel Armenia
  • Hotel Tsovin Kar
  • Hotel Eclectic
  • Hotel Heghnar
  • Hotel Europe
  • Park Hotel Artsakh

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