Barda Tourist Places to Visit in Barda, Azerbaijan, Asia

Barda Tourist Places to Visit in Barda, Azerbaijan, Asia

Barda is a city located in Barda Rayon in Azerbaijan, is the administrative headquarters of Barda Rayon placed on the left bank of the River Terter.

The higher majority of Barda natives are involved in agriculture activities like the production and processing of cotton, silk, poultry and dairy products. Also Barda is home to several health, social and educational institutions.


Geography of Barda:

Barda is situated about 300 kms west of Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, at an average altitude of 76 meters, located between 40°22′28″ N latitude and 47°07′36″ E longitude. Barda rayon covers an area of 960 sq. km.


Etymology and History of Barda:

Barda was earlier known as Partaw, is derived from Old Armenian language. Barda was called by other different names in the past namely Partav and Paytakaran.


Connectivity to Barda:

Barda is served by Yevlakh Airport situated at a distance of 34 kms with regular flights to Ganja, Agjabadi, Baku, Nakhchivan and other major cities of Azerbaijan.

The accessible railway stations to Barda include Yevlakh Railway Station (28 kms), Ujar Railway Station (73 kms) and Mususlu Railway Station (96 kms).

Tourists can board local buses at Barda City Bus Stand and long route buses are available at Yevlakh City Central Bus Station situated 26 kms away. There are minivans and jeeps available to reach airport and tourist spots around Barda.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Barda:

Barda is a historical city houses various archeological sites all around the city. The events like Ramadan, Ramazan Bayrami, Gurban Bayrami, Republic Day, Flag Day, Constitution Day, Victory Day, Armed Forces Day and Salvation Day are celebrated grandly by the natives of Barda. The people living in Barda belong to Islam, Christian, Judaism and Zoroastrianism communities. Barda is the birthplace of several famous poets and writers of Azerbaijan.

Barda is one of the developing cities of Azerbaijan hosts many well facilitated food corners, medical centres, shopping centres, communication centres and entertainment centres as well.


Places to see near Barda:

Shah Abbas Mosque:

Shah Abbas Mosque is a Muslim sacred place known for its holiness and interior and exterior architecture.


Bottle House:

Bottle House is located in Ganja, about 100 kms from Barda. It was constructed with usage of glass bottles.


Qalaboynu Fortress:

Qalaboynu Fortress is a historical beautiful palace surrounded by many other tourist attractions.


Diyarshunasliq Museum:

Diyarshunasliq Museum is a class museum located in Ganja, about 115 kms from Barda.


Nizami Tomb:

Nizami is a very ancient tomb sited away from Ganja city and was reconstructed in the year 1991.


Other tourist attractions near Barda include:

  • Shamkir Church
  • Shamkir Bridge
  • Victory Complex
  • Koroglu Fortress
  • Koroglu Fortress
  • Azeri National Costume Museum
  • Taghiyev History Museum
  • Home of Jafar Jabbarli
  • Pir monument
  • Maiden Tower
  • The Diyarshunasliq Museum
  • Central Museum


Best time to visit Barda:

From April to October is the ideal time to visit Barda.


Accommodation Options near Barda:

The major facilities available in the hotels of Barda include private bathroom, room with TV, fridge, hot water, WIFI internet access, 24 hour room service, workout room, open parking facilities, laundry, dry cleaning, private electronic safe, 24 hour reception and doctor on call. The best hotels in Barda, Ganja and other nearby regions are as follows:


  • Hotel Artsvaberd
  • Hotel Armenia
  • Chinar Hotel & Spa
  • Kur Hotel
  • Hotel Heghnar
  • Hotel Europe
  • My Way Hotel
  • Gafgaz Sport Hotel
  • Paros Hotel
  • Hotel Yerevan
  • Afra Hotel
  • Gabala City Hotel
  • Helenendorf Hotel
  • Hotel Avetis
  • Vallex Garden Hotel


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