Sandwip Tourist Places to Visit in Sandwip, Bangladesh, Asia

Sandwip Tourist Places to Visit in Sandwip, Bangladesh, Asia

Sandwip also written as ‘Sandvip’ is an island as well as sub district located in Chittagong District in Bangladesh. It is situated between 22°29′ north latitude and 91°29′ east longitude. The length of Sandwip Island is 50 km and the width is 5 to 15 km. Sandwip Sub District is spread over an area of 762.42 sq. km.

Sandwip Sub District houses eighteen wards, sixty two Mahallas, thirty four villages and the population is more than 350,000. Sandwip island is bordered by Sitakunda and Mirsharai in the east, Meghna estuary towards west, Companiganj to the north and Bay of Bengal towards south.

Agriculture is the main economy source of Sandwip. Jute, potato, betel leaf, betel nut, sugarcane, Radish, cauliflower, sweet potato, corundum, watermelon, mango and Jackfruit are the vegetables and fruits vastly grown by the natives.


History of Sandwip:

There are several theories about the origin of name Sandwip, one theory states, that Sandwip got its name from European word “Sandheap” and another one states that, Sandwip named in the memorial of renowned Bakhorganj person Mr. Beverage’s Shom Dwip.

The famous King Delwar Khan ruled Sandwip for a very long time. Also it witnessed the rule of Portuguese during the period of 17th century and British until India’s Independence.


Culture, Food of Sandwip:

Non vegetarian food items are very famous in Sandwip region. The staple foods of Sandwip natives include rice, mutton and fish. Due to the presence of tourist destinations, there are numerous seafood corners, Chinese restaurants and motels started operations all over Sandwip.

Lungi and Shirt are the general wears of the gents and Saree is usual dress code of the women of Sandwip. Also Sandwip houses numerous cultural centres, temples, mosques and churches.


Connectivity to Sandwip:

Sandwip is an island covered with full of water all the sides because of this, see is the only way to reach major cities of the country. One can choose boat to reach Dhaka from Sandwip. Auto rickshaws, cycle rickshaws and jeeps are the best options to move within Sandwip.

Sitakund Municipality Bus Station and Sitakunda Railway Station are the nearest bus station and railway station to Sandwip respectively. Sandwip has its own airport well connected with Dhaka Airport and Chittagong Airport.


Places to see near Sandwip:

Sandwip Beach:

Sandwip Beach is a best weekend picnic spot attracts beach lovers from surrounding regions of Sandwip. There are few small cold drink shops, food corners located in the vicinity of beach.


Patenga Beach:

Patenga beach is a top tourist destination in Chittagong located about 22 kms away from Chittagong City centre. It is situated in the vicinity of Shah Amanat International Airport and Butterfly Park.


Heritage Park:

Heritage Park is a beautiful park situated in Chittagong City. It includes the buildings models of Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban, National Memorial of Savar, Paharpur Monastery and Lalbagh Fort.


The list of other tourist attractions near Sandwip includes:

  • Foy’s Lake
  • Chittagong Ethnological Museum
  • Saint Martin Island
  • Dulahazra Safari Park
  • Inani Beach
  • Cox’s Bazar Beach
  • Nijhum Island


Ideal time to visit Sandwip:

From September to January is the ideal time to visit Sandwip.


Accommodation options in Sandwip:

Sandwip houses few luxury hotels, so to enjoy luxury hospitality services tourist can choose the hotels at Chittagong City. The best hotels in Sandwip and Chittagong City are as follows:

  • The Peninsula Chittagong
  • Hotel Shaibal
  • Well Park
  • Hotel Eastern View
  • Grand Park Hotel
  • Hotel Tower Inn International Ltd
  • Hotel Lord’s Inn
  • Avenue Hotel & Suites
  • Asian SR Hotel
  • Hotel Agrabad
  • Hotel Saint Martin Ltd
  • Hotel Favour Inn International

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