Best Tourist Places to Visit in Quang Nam, Vietnam, Asia

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Quang Nam, Vietnam, Asia

Quang Nam is situated in South Central Coast of Vietnam is a major province in Vietnam. Quang Nam covers total area of 10,408 Sq Kms and economy of Quang Nam is based mainly on agriculture, fishery, and manufacturing industries located in the province.

Quang Nam is surrounded by Hue, Huong Tra, Quang Ngai, Huong Thuy, Kon Tum, Pleiku, An Khe, An Nhon, and Dong Hoi is situated at the distance of 1,000 Kms from capital of Vietnam, Hanoi and coordinates of Quang Nam are 15.3500° N and 107.5500° E.


Tourism in Quang Nam:

Quang Nam is a province bounded by mountain regions situated along the coast of South China Sea, which makes it one of the best places to visit in Central Vietnam. Quang Nam is home for two World Heritage Sites, Hoi An and My Son, Hoi An is an ancient city and My Son is home for the ancient Hindu temple and there are many beaches along the coast visited by number of tourists from around the world.


Places to visit in Quang Nam:

Chuc Thanh Pagoda:

Chun Thanh Pagoda is situated at the distance of 3 kms from Quang Nam was established in 17th century by Priest Minh Hai is constructed in Vietnamese and Chinese architectural style.


Cu Lao Cham:

Cu Lao Cham is located 20 kms away from Quang Nam in Champa Island consists of 5 islands close to each other.


Tra Kieu Church:

Tra Kieu Church is situated in Duy Xuyen district in Quang Nam province, at the distance of 100 kms. This church was constructed in the year 1722.


Quang Dong Assembly Hall:

Quang Dong assembly hall is situated in Hoi An city at the distance of 90 kms from center of Quang Nam province is most well-known historical building in the city.


Other Places to Visit in Quang Nam:

  • Ancient Houses In Hoi An Town
  • Chien Dan Tower
  • Japanese Covered Bridge
  • Thu Bon River
  • Ancient Tombs in Hoi An
  • Marble Mountains
  • Ba Na Hill Station
  • Linh Ung Buddhist Temple
  • Cu Lao Cham Marine Park


Things to do in Quang Nam:

  • Visit the Ancient Villages
  • Swimming
  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Diving
  • Aquatic sports


Best Time to Visit Quang Nam:

Quang Nam is located in Central Vietnam and best time to visit Quang Nam is from the months of October to March.


How to Reach Quang Nam?

By Air:

Quang Nam is served by Da Nang International Airport located at the distance of 94 Kms from the city and airport serves with domestic and international flights to cities like Seoul, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Taipei, Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Vientiane, Shanghai, Siem Reap, and various other cities in the world.


By Sea:

There are two major ports in the province, Da Nang and Hoi An ports, Da Nang port serves with domestic ferries to various cities and towns in Vietnam and Hoi An port connects Cham Islands.


By Train:

Trains from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City pass through the city and these trains ply frequently and stop at several stations in Quang Nam province.


By Road:

Quang Nam is situated in central Vietnam and road transportations are well developed in the Vietnam and buses operate from various cities to Quang Nam province frequently. To get around the city, tourists can avail the services of cars, boats, taxis and motorcycles.


Where to Stay in Quang Nam?

Quang Nam is one of the well-known destinations for local and international tourists and major hotels are located in Tam Ky, Da Nang and Hoi An cities and some of the hotels are situated along the beaches. Hotels in Quang Nam cost from $ 10 to $ 300 and above per night and provides world class facilities to customers. Some of the hotels in Quang Nam provinces are listed here below:

  • Le Dung Hotel Tam Ky
  • Khach San Le Dung
  • Golden Sand Resort Hotel
  • Hoian Lotus Hotel
  • Vạn Loi Hotel
  • Pho Hoi Riverside Resort
  • Khach San Hoang Ngọc
  • Nhi Trung Hotel
  • Hoi An Beach Resort
  • Hoi An Pacific Hotel
  • Hoi An Riverside Resort & Spa
  • Sea and Sand Hotel

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