Agdam Tourist Places to Visit in Agdam, Azerbaijan, Asia

Agdam Tourist Places to Visit in Agdam, Azerbaijan, Asia

Agdam is the capital city of Agdam Rayon in the southwest part of Azerbaijan, situated about 700 kms away towards southwest of national capital Baku. Most of ancient sites of Agdam were damaged during the 1993 Nagorno-Karabakh War, but several mosques remained intact. The Postal code of Agdam is 0200.


Geography of Agdam:

Agdam is situated between 39°59′35″ N latitude and 46°55′50″ E longitude at an average altitude of 369 meters. Agdam rayon is spread over an area of 1,150 sq. km.


Etymology and History of Agdam:

There are two theories about the origin of name Agdam, One theory claims that, the name Agdam derives from two Azerbaijani words ‘Ag’ means ‘white’ and ‘dam’ means ‘house’ or ‘attic’, and the literal meaning is ‘White House”. Another theory states that, Agdam derives its name from ancient Turkic language and its meaning in Turkic language is ‘small fortress’.

Agdam was founded during 18th century and formed as a city in the year 1828.


How to reach Agdam?

The nearest airport to Agdam is Nakhchivan Airport located at a distance of about 450 kms with flights operational by Azerbaijan Airlines, Turkish Airlines and UTair Aviation with flights to Baku, Ganja, Zaqatala, and Istanbul, Ataturk, Moscow and Vnukovo regions.

Agdam is not well connected with railways and the closest railway station is Yevlakh Railway Station situated at a distance of about 620 kms from Agdam.

Agdam has few bus junctions and the nearest bus stations to Agdam include Stepanakert-Askeran Bus Station (25 kms) and Martakert Bus Station (28 kms).


Culture, Food and Shopping in Agdam:

Agdam houses less population and they speak Azerbaijani with very few shops and hotels are located, so tourists can find the hotels of nearby cities.


Places to see near Agdam:

Ag-Gel National Park:

Ag-Gel National Park is a national park situated in Azerbaijan which covers an area of Agcabedi Rayon and Beyleqan Rayon positioned between 40°00′33″ N latitude and 47°39′00″ E longitude and covers an area of 17,924 hectares.

Ag-Gel was designated as a national park on July 5, 2003 by the order of then President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev. Before declaring it as a national park, it had status of “Ag-Gol State Reserve” and “Ag-Gol State Game Reserve”.

Ag-Gel National Park includes one internationally recognized Important Bird Area ‘Lake Aggol’. The lake added to the list of Ramsar wetlands of international importance in the year 2001.

Ag-Gel National Park is rich in flora and fauna and includes more than 140 species of birds, especially 89 species of nesting birds among the 140. The birds found in the park include partridge, spoonbill, swan, teal and bustard and is visited by hundreds of migratory birds from all over the world throughout the year.


The Palace of the Shirvan Shahs:

The Palace of the Shirvan Shahs is known for its ancient architecture located in Baku. It is open from morning 10 to evening 5. The entrance fee is 2 AZN.


Other tourist attractions near Agdam include:

  • Atashgah Fire Temple
  • Yanar Dagh
  • Dendro Park
  • Oil Rocks
  • Maiden’s Tower
  • Latif Karimov Carpet and Applied Arts Museum
  • Azeri National Costume Museum


Best time to visit Agdam:

The months of winter season are the best time to holiday Agdam.


Accommodation Options near Agdam:

Hotels in and near Agdam in Azerbaijan serve the tourists with the best services and are cost effective and one can choose from wide range of hotels with varying amenities and budget. The best hotels near Agdam with different facilities are as follows:

  • Paros Hotel
  • Hotel Armenia
  • Hotel Heghnar
  • Hotel Europe
  • Hotel Yerevan
  • Vallex Garden Hotel
  • Park Hotel Artsakh
  • Shushi Grand Hotel
  • Stendal Hotel
  • Hotel Avetis

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