Places to Visit in Agjabadi, Azerbaijan, Asia

Places to Visit in Agjabadi, Azerbaijan, Asia

Agjabadi also called as Agdzhabedi or Aghjabadi is the capital city of Aghjabadi Rayon in Azerbaijan. It is situated about 300 kms southwest of national capital Baku in the heart of Republic of Azerbaijan. Qarqar River flows through the centre part and Kura River flows on the north-eastern side of Aghjabadi Rayon.


Geography of Agjabadi:

Agjabadi is located between latitude 40°03′10″ in the north and longitude 47°27′41″ in the east. It is placed 16 meters above the mean sea level. Agjabadi enjoys mild subtropical climate throughout the year.


History of Agjabadi:

Agjabadi city was established on 8 August 1930 and formed as separate rayon in the year 1965. The literal meaning of the name of Aghjabadi in Azerbaijani language is ‘Big Settlement’.


Connectivity to Agjabadi:

Agjabadi is served by Yevlakh Airport located about 80 kms from the middle point of Agjabadi city. Zaqatala International Airport and Lankaran International Airport are situated about 210 and 220 kms from Agjabadi respectively. Agjabadi is placed 310 kms away from Heydar Aliyev International Airport (Baku).

The major accessible railway stations to Agjabadi include Ujar Railway Station (70 kms), Kurdamir Railway Station (110 kms) and Mususlu Railway Station (90 kms).

Ucar Bus Station is the nearby main bus station to Agjabadi and tourists can also board buses at any local bus stations of Agjabadi.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Agjabadi:

Agjabadi covers the greater percentage of Azerbaijanis, followed by Lezgians, Armenians, Russian and Talysh populace. Azerbaijani is the national language and the widely spoken language all over Azerbaijan including Agjabadi. More than 95% of Agjabadi citizens are Muslims.

Agjabadi is the birth place of the father of Azerbaijani classical music and opera Uzeyir Hajibeyov.

Agjabadi houses numerous entertainment centres, food corners and shopping centres. The hotels of Agjabadi serve customers with variety of foods from the different regions of the world including Armenia, China and Western countries.


Places to see near Agjabadi:

Atashgah Fire Temple:

Atashgah Fire Temple is located in Baku city about 300 kms from Agjabadi. It is very famous among the locals of Baku.


The Palace of the Shirvan Shahs:

Shirvan Shahs Palace is a must see site in Baku. It is open from 10 AM to 5 PM.


Maiden’s Tower:

Maiden’s Tower is a mysterious tower and it is believed that, this tower was constructed between 7th and 12th centuries. Maiden’s Tower is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is open from 10 AM to 7 PM every day.


Yanar Dagh:

Yanar Dagh is a mountain in Baku that has been incessantly on flames for one thousand years.


Other tourist attractions near Agjabadi are:

  • Azeri National Costume Museum
  • Taghiyev History Museum
  • Home of Jafar Jabbarli
  • AF Mall
  • Latif Karimov Carpet and Applied Arts Museum
  • Baku Boulevard
  • Park Bulvar Shopping Mall
  • Magomayev Azerbaijan State Philharmonic Hall
  • Nizami Street and Fountain Square
  • Oil Rocks
  • Dendro Park



Best time to visit Agjabadi:

From April to June is the ideal time to visit Agjabadi.


Accommodation Options near Agjabadi:

The hotels of Agjabadi and Yevlakh include the facilities of room with TV, fridge, private bathroom, hot water, WIFI internet access, 24 hour room service, workout room, open parking facility and 24 hour concierge. The best hotels in Agjabadi and Yevlakh (about 80 kms) are listed here below.

  • Hotel Avetis
  • Hotel Armenia
  • Hotel Heghnar
  • Hotel Europe
  • Hotel Yerevan
  • Park Hotel Artsakh
  • Vallex Garden Hotel
  • Shushi Grand Hotel
  • Shushi Hotel
  • Paros Hotel
  • Kur Hotel
  • Chinar Hotel & Spa
  • Ganja Hotel
  • My Way Hotel
  • Hotel Artsvaberd

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