Places to Visit in Ulaangom, Mongolia, Asia

Places to Visit in Ulaangom, Mongolia, Asia

Ulaangom is the capital city of Uvs Province of Mongolia, about 1324 kms northwest of the national capital Ulan Bator. It is home to one branch of famous university, a college and five secondary schools.


Geography and Climate of Ulaangom:

Ulaangom is situated 120 kms south of the border of Russia and about 26 km southwest Uvs Lake. It is located between 49°59′ N latitude and 92°04′ E longitude and is placed at an elevation of 931 meters.

Ulaangom is one of the coolest regions of the country features a cold semi-arid climate with hot summers and cool winters.


History of Ulaangom:

It is said that Ulaangom was founded in the year 1686.


Connectivity to Ulaangom:

Ulaangom is placed on the border of Russia well connected with bordering regions of Russia and major cities of the country through highways. There are regular bus services accessible at Ulaangom City Bus Stand to reach nearby regions and the main cities as well.

Ulaangom is served by Deglii Tsagaan Airport situated 2 kms away from the city with daily flights to Ulan Bator and weekly air services to Khovd and Ulgii. The flights are operated by Aero Mongolia and Eznis Airways. Tourists can hire Taxi to reach airport from Ulaangom City.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Ulaangom:

Mongols, Turks, and their sub groups like Do’rbet, Bayid, Halh, Tuvans, Khotons and Kazakhs are inhabited in Ulaangom. The city houses a Yumjaagiin Tsedenbal monument which located in the opposite of administrative building of the province. Other than monuments, Ulaangom is home to several cultural centres, a university branch and one vocational college as well.

Mutton, horse meat, beef, goat meat and camel meat are very popular among the regions of Mongolia. Mutton plays a major role during the festive season and Chinese tea, noodles and bread are also very popular in Ulaangom. All the major hotels of Ulaangom serve customers with both Mongolian and Western style food like pizza and burger.

Ulaangom houses plenty of variety of shopping centres including cloth, shoes, retail, and handicraft, book, electrical and electronic. The products are available at reasonable rates compared to other regions of the country. Tourists can pick handicraft products of metal, wood and embroidery products at the shops located in the heart of the city.


Tourist Attractions in Ulaangom:


Dechinravjaalin Khiid Monastery:

Dechinravjaalin Khiid Monastery is situated in Ulaangom was constructed in 1757. It was once home to more than 2,000 monks and was demolished in the year 1937. Now tourists can see only the ruins of the monastery.


Ulaangom Museum:

Ulaangom Museum is placed in the centre of Ulaangom City and has photographs of wild life and Buddhist sculpture.


Uureg Nuur:

Uureg Nuur is the Mongolia’s largest lake located out of Ulaangom City. It is one of the must see place in Uvs Province.


Khyargas Nuur Natural Park:

Khyargas Nuur Natural Park is home to rare species of wild animals and birds.


Achit Lake:

Achit Lake is the biggest freshwater lake in Uvs Province.


The list of other tourist attractions near Ulaangom is as follows:

  • Kharkhiraa Uul
  • Tiirgen Uul
  • Uvs Nuur
  • Yumjaagiin Tsedenbal Monument


Best time to visit Ulaangom:

January and July are the best months to holiday Ulaangom.


Accommodation Options in Ulaangom:

All the below hotels have the facilities of laundry, massage, tennis, pub, buffets and restaurants and Cable TV. The best hotels in Ulaangom are:

  • Bayalag Od Hotel
  • Uvs Nuur Tsogtsolbor Hotel
  • Achit Nuur Hotel
  • Tavan Od Hotel

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