Olgii (Ulgii) Tourist Places to Visit in Olgii (Ulgii), Mongolia, Asia

Olgii (Ulgii) Tourist Places to Visit in Olgii (Ulgii), Mongolia, Asia

Olgii is the capital city of Bayan-Olgii Province in Western Mongolia which covers an area of 15 sq. km is placed about 1633 kms west of Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia.5 meters tall guyed radio mast is the major landmark of the city.


Geography of Olgii:

Olgii is situated towards the extreme west end of the country is positioned at an altitude of 1710 meters and is placed between 48°58′06″ N latitude and 89°58′07″ E longitude. Olgii features a desert climate with hot summers and cool winters.


History of Olgii:

Before the formation of modern nation of Mongolia, Olgii was a tribal Kazakh village and underwent some developments and turned into a city. Bayan-Olgii Province was found in the year 1940.


Connectivity to Olgii:

The airport of Olgii is situated 5 kms from the heart of the city, offers daily flights to national capital Ulan Bator and weekly flights to Hovd and Ulaangom of the country.

Due to the extensive distance between Ulan Bator and Olgii, there are only 3 buses from Olgii per week to Ulan Bator and costs around 80,000 Tugriks per trip. There is also bus facility available to Kazakhstan and it costs $100. To travel within the city tourists can hire Taxi or Minibuses.


Culture, Cuisine and Shopping in Olgii:

More than 88.7% citizens residing in Olgii are Kazakhs and the remaining population comprises of Uriankhai Dorvod Khalkha, Tuva and Khoshuud. The higher majority of people speak Kazakh and some natives speak both Kazakh and Mongolian. The city houses more than 4 mosques and is famous for its Kazakh music, embroidery and art works.

The Golden Eagle Festival is celebrated in October every year and is referred as UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Event. Altai Kazakh Eagle Festival is also a same type of cultural event organized at Sagsai Village every September. Other cultural events include Nauryz, Naadam and Altai Nomad’s Festival.

Olgii is known for variety of handicraft and embroidery products and the market of Oglii includes the shops of Meat, vegetables, fresh dairy, Meat, vegetables, fresh dairy and packaged food. Altai Craft and Kazakh Craft offer tourists products of Kazakh hats, bags, pillowcases, placemats and coats as well.

All the restaurants serve Kazakhstan and Mongolian food along with China. The best food corners in Olgii are Pamukkale, Arvins and Blue Wolf Cafe. Other than restaurants, the city also houses bar and nightclubs.


Places to see in Olgii:

Green Garden:

Green Garden is one of the prime attractions of Olgii and people visit this garden during evening hours to relax.  Summer months are best to visit this site.


Altai Tavan Bogd National Park:

Altai Tavan Bogd National Park is placed on the border of Russia and China spread over an area of 630,000 hectares. This park includes Tavan Bogd Mountains and numerous beautiful lakes and this is one of the favorite spots of trekkers and fish lovers in Mongolia.


Tsambagarav National Park:

Tsambagarav National Park is located on outskirts of Olgii city spans over an area of 110,960 hectares. The park is developed with glaciers, lakes, waterfalls and beautiful archeological sites.


Other tourist attraction near Olgii is as follows:

  • Petroglyphs
  • Turkic Standing Stones
  • Museum
  • Mosques
  • Statues
  • Kazakh National Theater
  • Altai Mountains


Best time to visit Olgii:

September and October are the ideal months to visit Olgii when the famous Altai Kazakh Eagle Festival and Golden Eagle Festival are organized.


Accommodation Options near Olgii:

Other than hotels, Olgii houses several home stays as well and they also provide the similar facilities of hotels. Best hotels in Olgii are:

  • Tavan Bogd Hotel
  • Duman Hotel
  • Blue Wolf Tours
  • Altai Expedition Ger Camp
  • Bear Valley Ger Camp
  • Bastau Hotel
  • Tsambagarav Hotel

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