Top Tourist Places to Visit in Mongolia, Asia

Top Tourist Places to Visit in Mongolia, Asia

Mongolia is a country in Asian continent which covers an area of 1,564,115.75 sq. km. Ulan Bator is the capital city houses about 45% population of the country. Mongolia is the nineteenth largest country in an area after Kazakhstan, the 2nd biggest landlocked country in the world. With a population of about 3.2 million citizens, Mongolia is the highest sparingly inhabited sovereign country in the globe.


Important information of Mongolia:

Calling Code – +976

Official Script – Mongolian Cyrillic

Currency – Togrog


Geography of Mongolia:

Mongolia is situated between 47°55′ N latitude and 106°53′ E longitude and is surrounded by Russia in the north and the Inner Mongolia region of China towards the east, west and south.


Major cities of Mongolia:

  • Ulan Bator
  • Erdenet
  • Darkhan
  • Choibalsan
  • Moronn
  • Khovd


Economy of Mongolia:

The economy of Mongolia is based on agricultural activities and mining business. It has rich mineral resources of copper, coal, molybdenum, tin, gold and tungsten.


Prime Universities are:

  • National University of Mongolia
  • Mongolian University of Science and Technology


History of Mongolia:

Mongolia has strong historical background and Mongol Empire was formed by Genghis Khan in the year 1206. Xiongnu, the Xianbei, the Rouran and the Gokturks were the major dynasities to rule Mongolia in the past. Mongolia gained independence from Qing Dynasty in December 29, 1911.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Mongolia:

The higher majority of Mongolian population is filled with Mongol ethnicity along with Kazakhs, Tuvans, Oirats and Buryats. Mongolian is the official language as well as a widely spoken language in the country and also some natives speak Oirat, Buryat, Mongolic, Kazakh and Tuvan.

Naadam Festival is organized from July 11 to July 13 every year includes archery, horse-racing and wrestling. Khoomei is a top singing style very famous among the regions of Mongolia.

The cuisine of Mongolia is similar to neighboring China and Russia. The usual staple dish of Mongolians includes dairy products, meat, and animal fat. Khuushuur, Manti, Bansh and Khorkhog are very popular in Mongolia regions.

The shopping sector of Mongolia is rapidly developing in recent years, houses multi branded cloth showrooms, international food corners, mobile centres and spas. The capital city Ulan Bator has a great ability to fulfill the requirements of foreign tourists and other prime cities like Darkhan, Choibalsan, Khovd, Arvaikheer and Ulaangom are also good for shopping.


Transportation in Mongolia:

The major railway line in Mongolia is Trans-Mongolian Railway which connects it with Russia and China. Chinggis Khaan International Airport is the prime airport of the country located 20 kms away from capital city Ulan Bator with direct flights to South Korea, China, Japan, Russia, Germany, Turkey and Kyrgyzstan. Mongolia has well maintained road infrastructure all around the country.


Places to see in Mongolia:

Gandan Monastery:

Gandan Monastery is the most important monastery of the country located Ulan Bator. The entrance fee is T3500.


Choijin Lama Monastery:

Choijin Lama Monastery is situated in the national capital Ulan Bator. It has a large collection of photographs of Mongolian history and is open from morning 10 AM to evening 5 PM.


Bogd Kahn Museum:

Bogd Kahn Museum also called as the green palace placed in Ulan Bator constructed between 1893 -1903. Admission fee is T2500.


Other tourist attractions in Mongolia include:

  • Natural History Museum
  • Sukhbaatar Square
  • Zaisan Memorial
  • International Intellectual Museum
  • The Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts


Ideal time to visit Mongolia:

From July to September is the best time to visit Mongolia.


Accommodation Options in Mongolia:

The names of best budget, mid range and luxury hotels in Ulan Bator of Mongolia are as follows:

  • Green Steppe Mongolia Guest House
  • Idre’s Guesthouse
  • Oasis Guesthouse
  • Red Rose Hotel
  • Sant Asar Hotel
  • The Chinggis Khaan Hotel
  • The Corporate Hotel
  • HS Khaan Resort Hotel
  • Sunpath Hostel
  • Zaya Guesthouse
  • Touriststh Mongolia Guesthouse
  • EPOS Hotel
  • Voyage Hotel
  • The Bayangol Hotel

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