Tourist Places to Visit in Khujirt, Mongolia, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Khujirt, Mongolia, Asia

Khujirt is a district in Ovorkhangai Province located towards the southern part of Mongolia and Khujirt is situated about 417 kms southwest of Ulan Bator, the capital city of Mongolia.


Geography and Climate in Khujirt:

Khujirt is placed between latitude 28°.06’ in the north and longitude 75°.20’ in the east and experiences a subarctic climate. The summer months in Khujirt are mild and winter months are very cold.

The province of Khujirt ‘Ovorkhangai’ is surrounded by Bulgan Province in the north, Omnogovi Province towards south, Bayankhongor Province in the west, Dundgovi Province towards east, Arkhangai Province on the northwest and Omnogovi Province to the northeast.


Food, Culture and Shopping in Khujirt:

The population of Khujirt is filled with Buddhists, Hindus, Christians and Muslims. More than 90% people residing in Khujirt are Buddhists and the natives speak Russian and Chinese along with national language Mongolian. Horse festival and wrestling competition are organized during the summer months every year in Khujirt.

Most common dish among the regions of Khujirt includes Manti, Bansh, Khorkhog and Khuushuur. The meat of horse, beef, camel and sheep are common among the natives. Also Khujirt is home to several standard China, Russia and Thailand style hotels and few local restaurants also serve Chinese food along with Mongolian.

The hotels of Khujirt serve tourists with lot of love and care and also offer different offers to attract foreign tourists. If tourists have interest in buying handicraft products and archeological items, locate the best handicraft shops in the heart of the city. Otherwise, tourists can visit the shops of Kharkhorin City located about 140 kms from Khujirt.


Transportation in Khujirt:

Khujirt has its own airport located just away from the city with domestic flights to Ulan Bator and other major cities of Mongolia. Other nearest airports to Khujirt include Kharkhorin Airport (13 kms) and Arvaikheer Airport (103 kms). Other than the airway, Khujirt also has good connectivity with Ulan Bator through roadways and there are regular buses available from Khujirt Town Bus Stand to major cities and surrounding regions as well.


Tourist Attractions in Khujirt:


Khujirt Hot Spring:

Khujirt Hot Spring is located just away from Khujirt Town and tourists can get to from Kharkhorin City or from the main city Ulaanbaatar. It is believed that, these springs have medicinal properties.


Erdene Zuu Monastery:

Erdene Zuu Monastery is one of the prime monasteries of Mongolia situated near Kharkhorin City of Ovorkhangai Province. It was damaged during the war between Dzungars and Khalkh Mongols in the year 1688 and was reconstructed during the beginning of 18th century.


Shankh Monastery;-

Shankh Monastery was built by the first Jebtsundamba Khutuktu ‘Zanabazar’ in the year 1647. The monastery is well known for its 7 Kalachakra Mandalas is located in the vicinity of another popular monastery Tuvhun Monastery.


The list of other tourist attractions near Khujirt is as follows:

  • The Aimag Museum
  • Kharkhorin Rock
  • Tovkhon Monastery
  • Tuvhun Monastery
  • Flower Park
  • Gandan Muntsaglan Khiid


Best time to visit Khujirt:

The ideal time to visit Khujirt is between May and September to enjoy the stunning beauty of Khujirt Hot Springs.


Accommodation Options in Khujirt:

It is better to book room of hotels of Khujirt through online in advance, because peak time of tourism getting room will be difficult. The major hotels in and around Khujirt are:

  • Time Hotel
  • Bayanbulag Hotel
  • Kharaa Hotel
  • Hobby Hotel
  • Zalaa Hotel
  • Ulzii Hotel
  • Bayanshire Hotel
  • Munkhsunder Hotel
  • Zamchin Hotel
  • Rich Land Hotel
  • Tansag Hotel

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