Places to Visit in Mandalgobi, Mongolia, Asia

Places to Visit in Mandalgobi, Mongolia, Asia

Mandalgobi also spelled as Mandalgovi is the capital city of Dundgovi Province of Mongolia is placed on the border of the Gobi Desert, about 300 kms south of national capital Ulan Bator.


Geography and Climate in Mandalgobi:

Mandalgobi is situated between 45°46′00″ north latitude and 106°16′11″ east longitude and features a cold semi-arid climate with cool winters and hot summers.

The province of Mandalgobi and Dundgovi shares its borders with Omnogovi Province in the south, Tov Province to the north, Dornogovi Province towards east, Ovorkhangai Province on the west and Govisumber Province towards northeast.


Economy of Mandalgobi:

The economy of Mandalgobi is based on agricultural activities and the city houses few animal husbandry and livestock products industries. Also Mandalgobi is famous for fermented horse milk ‘airag’ among the regions of province.


How to reach Mandalgobi?

Public buses forms the primary mode of transport vehicles operating services in Mandalgobi and other than public buses, tourists can board micro-bus or Russian furgon or jeeps for local journey. Tourists can hire two wheelers to visit tourist places and to move within the city.

Mandalgobi Airport is 2 kms away from the midpoint of the city with regular flights to Ulan Bator and other prime cities of the country.


Culture, Cuisine and Shopping in Mandalgobi:

The culture of Mandalgobi is influenced by other surrounding regions of the province. Morin Huur is a type of traditional music very popular in the regions of Mandalgobi and another famous traditional music is the Long Song which is performed during all the major occasions of Mandalgobi.

Mutton is the most common staple food in Mandalgobi along with horse meat. Also the city houses numerous varieties of China, Russia and Mongolian food corners. The famous food in the meal of Mandalgobi is buuz, Khorkhog and khuushuur.

The restaurants at Mandalgobi offer both vegetarian and non vegetarian food with many varieties. If tourists wish to buy handicraft products, reach the shops placed centre of the city and they have the ability to fulfill tourists shopping requisite. Don’t forget to exchange currency at local banks, because all the shops don’t accept foreign currency.


Places to visit in Mandalgobi:


Baga Gazrin Chuluu:

Baga Gazrin Chuluu is a granite rock situated in the center of the sandy plains is worshiped by locals on a belief of holy rock and it is believed that, a legend Chinggis Khaan sited this rock in the past.


Shireet Tsagaan Nuur:

It is said that, the great person Zanabazar used Shireet Tsagaan Nuur to promote Mongolian Buddhism is located in Dundgovi Province.


Ongi Monastery:

Ongi Monastery is placed on the banks of River Ongiin and is the part of huge Bari Yonzon Khamba Monastery. It was constructed during eighteenth century and more than 500 monks resided during that era.


Ikh Gazrin Chuluu:

Ikh Gazrin Chuluu is popularly called as Stones of Great Place is located on the outskirts of Mandalgobi City.


Other tourist attraction near Mandalgobi is:

  • Zorgol Khairkhan Uul


Best time to visit Mandalgobi:

Between May and September is the ideal time to holiday Mandalgobi to visit parks and monasteries.


Accommodation Options near Mandalgobi:

The hotels in Mandalgobi and in other regions of Dundgovi Province are listed below:

  • Altangobi Hotel
  • Mandal Hotel
  • Temuujin Hotel
  • Gobi Hotel
  • Builder’s Hotel
  • Ulaanbaatar Hotel
  • Hotel Mongolia
  • Bayangol Hotel
  • Kempinski Hotel Khan Palace
  • The Corporate Hotel
  • Blue Sky Asia LLC
  • Chinggis Khaan Hotel
  • Palace Hotel
  • Springs Hotel

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