Bulgan Tourist Places to Visit in Bulgan, Mongolia, Asia

Bulgan Tourist Places to Visit in Bulgan, Mongolia, Asia

Bulgan is a well known district and the administrative headquarters of Bulgan Province of Mongolia, about 619 kms from the national capital Ulan Bator. Bulgan District covers an area of 99.95 sq. km. Bulgan hosts Uran Togoo Tulga Nature Reserve, Bulgan Airport and historical monasteries.


Geography and Climate of Bulgan:

Bulgan is positioned at a height of 1,208 meters above the mean level of sea and is placed between 48°48′43″ N latitude and 103°32′01″ E longitude. Bulgan features a subarctic climate.

Bulgan Province has an area of 48,733.00 sq. km. and shares its borders with Ovorkhangai Province in the south, Khovsgol Province towards west, Orkhon Province to the east, Russia in the north, Arkhangai Province on the southwest, Tov Province to the southeast and Selenge Province towards northeast.


History of Bulgan:

Bulgan Province was formed in the year 1938.


Food, Culture and Shopping in Bulgan:

Bulgan is one of the pleasant regions of the country houses green forests and nature parks. The population of Bulgan includes the migrated people from Tibet, China and Russia. Khalkh and Buryat are also involved in the population of Bulgan. Most of the temples of the Bulgan have a historical background and some of the temples were ruined during the independence war of the country. The local people are very hard workers and the great lovers of both traditional and western music.

Bulgan City houses both traditional food centres and modern food corners with variety of food items. Tourists can taste Chinese, Thai and Indian food in few hotels of the city.

The shops located in Bulgan are very much tourist friendly and offer handicraft products of silk, wood, jewelry at affordable prices. Tourists can pick the models of different wild animals in all the major handicraft shops of the city and the city is also home to branded cloth shops and shoe centres.


Connectivity to Bulgan:

Bulgan is served by Bulgan Airport with daily flights to Ulan Bator, Khovd, and Moron, situated 6 kms away from the midpoint of the city. Bulgan has good connectivity with two largest cities of the country Ulan Bator and Erdenet through roadways. Tourists can choose Mini buses or Taxis to reach airport from Bulgan City.


Places to see in Bulgan:

Military Museum:

Military Museum is located in the south of Bulgan City. It was constructed in the year 1921 for military purpose and after the Independence, it converted into a museum.


Gurragchaa Museum:

Gurragchaa Museum is one of the must visit places in Bulgan situated in heart of the town. It contains a photograph of J. Gurragchaa, the Mongolia’s first man in space and Bulgan is the birth place of him.


Dashchoinkhorlon Khiid:

Dashchoinkhorlon Khiid is a prime monastery of Bulgan damaged in the year 1937 by Khorloogiin Choibalsan. It was redeveloped in 1992.


Uran Togoo Tulga Nature Reserve:

Uran Togoo Tulga Nature Reserve which spread over an area of 1600 hectare located 60 kms west of Bulgan Town. It is well known for its extinct volcanoes.


Other tourist attractions near Bulgan include:

  • Uran Togoo Uul
  • Biirengiin Nuruu


Best time to visit Bulgan:

Between December and July is the best time to visit Bulgan, where the weather is very pleasant.


Accommodation Options in Bulgan:

Bulgan is home to several luxury hotels to accommodate both natives and foreign vacationers. All the main hotels of the Bulgan included the facilities of VIP room, billiard, sauna, massage, karaoke, pub, buffets, shower, restaurants and bathroom. The prominent hotels in Bulgan are:

  • Bulgan Hotel
  • Venera Hotel
  • Jargalant Hotel
  • Khantai Hotel
  • East Palace Hotel
  • The Hotel Kherlen

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