Erdenet Tourist Places to Visit in Erdenet, Mongolia, Asia

Erdenet Tourist Places to Visit in Erdenet, Mongolia, Asia

Erdenet is the 2nd biggest city of Mongolia and the capital city of Orkhon Province, located at the coordinates of 49°01′40″ N 104°02′40″ E is placed in the northern side of the country, about 240 kms away from the national capital Ulan Bator. Erdenet was founded in the year 1974.


Economy of Erdenet:

Erdenet houses world’s 4th largest copper mine ‘Erdenet Mining Company’. Also Erdenet is home to a big hospital, a Sport Palace, 3 state universities and numerous well facilitated schools and colleges.


Geography of Erdenet:

Erdenet is placed on a valley between two major rivers Selenge and Orkhon and occupies an area of 208 sq. km.


Things to do in Erdenet:

Tourists can visit Asia’s biggest open pit copper mine in Erdenet located out of the city. Erdenet City hosts one musical fountain and also tourists can visit two beautiful temples situated north of the city.


Food and Shopping in Erdenet:

If tourists like to purchase Mongolian carpets, Erdenet is the best choice. Other than carpet shops, Erdenet houses the food corners of China, India, Russia, Thailand, Italy and Japan all around the city. Erdenet is one of the rapidly developing cities of the country hosts numerous international range shopping malls, multiplexes and food corners.

Food at Erdenet is slightly different from the other regions of Mongolia. The spicy products and non vegetarian dish of mutton, chicken, sheep, camel and horse are very popular among the populace.


How to reach Erdenet?

Erdenet has good connectivity with national capital Ulan Bator, Darkhan and Bulgan through well maintained road by regular buses services. Also Erdenet is well connected with Ulan Bator by railways and it takes around 11 hours to reach Ulan Bator from Erdenet Railway Station located 9 kms away from the heart of the city.

Erdenet is served by Erdenet Airport situated 7 kms from the city with regular flights to Ulan Bator. Tourists can board minivans and taxis to reach airport from Erdenet City.


Places to see in Erdenet:


Erdenet Carpet Factory:

Erdenet Carpet Factory is located 2 kms from the midpoint of Erdenet City was established in the year 1981 and most numbers of locals are working in this factory.


The Mining Museum:

The Mining Museum is a must visit place in Erdenet located in centre of the city. It has information about mining activities.


The Aimag Museum:

The Aimag Museum is another prime museum of Erdenet was established in the year 1983.


Buddha Statue:

Buddha statue is a historical statue situated in the eastern part of Erdenet City.


Amusement Park:

Amusement Park is both children and adult favorite park placed towards the east of the city.


Amarbayasgalant Monastery:

Amarbayasgalant Monastery is the most important monastery of Erdenet placed about 60 kms northeast of the city. It is believed that, this monastery constructed between 1727 and 1737. Once it was destroyed in 1937 by Khorloogiin Choibalsan and later was rebuilt with the help of NGO’s in the year 1975.


Best time to visit Erdenet:

June, July and August are the ideal months to travel Erdenet, when several religious festivals and cultural events are organized.


Accommodation Options in Erdenet:

The facilities available in the hotels of Erdenet include laundry, dry cleaning, internet connectivity and hot water bath. The best budgeted, mid range and luxury hotels in Erdenet city are listed here below.

  • Erdenet Hotel
  • Selenge Hotel
  • Molor-Erdene Hotel
  • Sansar Hotel
  • Altan Gobi Hotel
  • Gem Stone Hotel
  • Panda Hotel
  • Delger Hotel
  • Erdenet Inn Hotel
  • Pyramid Hotel
  • Sonor Khairkhan Hotel

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