Moron Tourist Places to Visit in Moron, Mongolia, Asia

Moron Tourist Places to Visit in Moron, Mongolia, Asia

Moron is the capital city of Khovsgol Province of Mongolia, about 675 kms northwest of national capital Ulan Bator. Moron occupies a total area of 119 sq. km and houses a post office, a theatre, a museum, a hospital, numerous schools and one of the largest open-air bazaars of the country as well.


Geography and Climate of Moron:

Moron is placed between 28°18′ N latitude and 74°58′ E longitude and is placed at a height of 1,710 meters above the mean level of sea. Moron features a semi-arid climate with hot summers and cold winters.


History of Moron:

Khtagal served as the capital of Khovsgol Province before Moron. Moron was formed as a capital of Khovsgol Province in the year 1933.


Connectivity to Moron:

Moron is served by Moron Airport with daily flights to and from national capital Ulan Bator. It costs around $100USD to travel Ulan Bator by flight from Moron.

Moron is also well connected with public buses and tourists can board buses at Moron City Bus Terminals, otherwise tourists can hire Taxi or Minivan to reach tourist destinations and nearby regions as well.


Cuisine, Culture and Shopping in Moron:

The population of Moron is filled with different ethnic communities like Hotgojd, Urianhaj, Buryats, Tsaatan and Darhad. The natives celebrate New Year and other religious festivals with great enthusiasm and fervor.

Shopping is very easy in Moron compared to other cities of the country, because of the presence of plenty of shops. There is one supermarket located near famous 50° 100° Hotel offers varieties of daily usable products, digital cameras and clothes as well. Other than this supermarket, two more shops are situated to the left of 50° 100° Hotel.

All the major restaurants of Moron serve tourist with variety of Mongolian and European food items. The best food corners in Morn are:

50° 100° Hotel is placed in the centre of the city and offers honey beef and western pizza and lasagna. Tourists can enjoy free Wi Fi in this hotel.

Jargalan Restaurant is located towards the west of 50° 100° Hotel and offers Mongolian and European style food as well.

Shalom Burger provides variety of burgers and is situated above super market northeast side of 50° 100° Hotel.


Places to vist in Moron:


Hovsgol Nuur:

Hovsgol Lake is a one of the beautiful lakes of the country situated in Hovsgol province of Mongolia. It is the largest lake of Mongolia in volume and is situated at an altitude of 1645 meters. The lake has a width of 36.5 kms, a length of 136 kms and 262 meters depth. Sardag Mountain covers the lake in the north side and dark blue water of the lake gives a great feel to tourist eyes.


Deerstone Complex:

Deerstone complex is located 17 kms away towards the west of Moron City and the deer’s images are the prime attraction of this complex.


Danzandarjaa Khiid:

Danzandarjaa Khiid is a monastery placed on the west side of Moron Town and it takes around 20 minutes from the city to reach monastery. It was constructed in 1890 and reconstructed in 1990.


Other tourist attractions near Moron include:

  • Wrestling stadium
  • Town Square
  • Monor Museum


Best time to visit Moron:

Between May and July is the ideal time to travel Moron to reach one of the beautiful lakes of the country.


Accommodation Options near Moron:

The hotels of Moron have all the basic faculties like bathroom, buffets, sauna, massage and fridge. The best hotels in Moron are:

  • Eco Darhad Guest House
  • 50° 100° Hotel
  • Hotel Merci
  • Urguu hotel
  • Dul Hotel
  • Turt Hotel
  • Bonda Lake Guest House

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