Tourist Places to Visit in Kyrenia, Afghanistan, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Kyrenia, Afghanistan, Europe

Kyrenia is a town in Cyprus country situated on the northern part is recognized for the historical harbor and castle in Cyprus. Populace of Kyrenia depends on fishing and farming for their living and it is a historical city.

Kyrenia is surrounded by Kuopea Degimenlik, Gerolakkos, Mopou Guzelyurt, Nicosia, Strovolos and Kokkibotrimithia and Kyrenia is situated at the distance of 25 kms from capital of Cyprus, Nicosia and coordinates of Kyrenia are 35.3403° N, 33.3192° E.


History of Kyrenia:

As per the archeological substantiation, Kyrenia was inhabited from 5800 – 3000 BC and Kyrenia was founded by Cepheus, the military leader. Later Kyrenia was ruled by Romans and it was major trading center during the rule and Romans constructed several castle and Kyrenia flourished during their rule.

During the Frankish rule from the year 1192 castle expanded with other castles to defend from the enemies but in the year 1489, the castle was renovated under the rule of Venetian rule to withstand the cannon fire.

From 20th century, Kyrenia was one of the busiest towns in Cyprus and various developments like schools, hotels and clubs were established and in the year 1960, Cyprus gained its independence.


Places to visit in Kyrenia:

Kyrenia Castle:

Kyrenia Castle is the oldest castle in the town which was constructed in 7th century and it was constructed to protect the town from Arab raids and from centuries this castle has been renovated by various rulers.


The Shipwreck Museum:

This museum is situated in Kyrenia castle and this museum is home for the oldest ship which belongs to Hellenistic period date back to 288 BC.


St. Hilarion Castle:

This castle was constructed by Saint Hilarion and named after him and during the 10th century church and monastery were constructed in this region is the most visited sites in Kyrenia.


Anthipanitis Church:

This church is one of the oldest and most visited by tourists around the world is situated in Kyrenia town and was constructed in the 15th century.


Other tourists Places near Kyrenia:

  • Kyrenia Sourpmagar Monastery
  • The Kyrenia Harbour
  • Icon Museum
  • The Hz.Omer Tomb
  • The Folk Arts Museum
  • Fascinating Buffavento Castle
  • The Bellapais Monastery


Best Time to Visit Kyrenia:

Kyrenia climate is moderate throughout the year but the best time to visit Kyrenia is between the months of May and October.


How to Reach Kyrenia?

By Air:

Nearest airport to Kyrenia is Ercan Airport situated at the distance of 38 kms from center of the city and it operates flights to England and other European Countries and from airport tourists can get taxis to reach Kyrenia town.


By Sea:

There are ferry services from turkey to northern part of Cyprus and tourists will enjoy the ferry services in Cyprus.


By Road:

To get around the city tourist can avail public transportation like bus and mini bus which operates throughout the country and tourists can also hire cars to get around the city.


Where to Stay in Kyrenia?

Kyrenia is historical town and there are several hotels in Kyrenia that offer outstanding lodging and amenities to each holiday maker and hotels in Kyrenia are famous for their hospitality and friendly status and cost from $ 30 to $ 250 and above per night. Some of the renowned hotels in Kyrenia are listed below:

  • Oscar Resort Hotel
  • Rocks Hotel and Casino
  • Mountain View Hotel
  • Jasmine Court Hotel & Casino
  • The Prince Inn Hotel & Villas
  • Holiday Inn Nicosia City Centre
  • Villa Club Holiday Village
  • Almond Business Suites
  • Bare Hill Holiday Village
  • The Savoy Ottoman Palace
  • Acapulco Beach Club and Resort
  • Riverside Holiday Village
  • Dedeman Olive Tree

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