Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Zhezkazgan, Kazakhstan, Asia

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Zhezkazgan, Kazakhstan, Asia

Zhezkazgan can also be spelled as Jezkazgan, is sited on the Asian continent in center of the country, Kazakhstan in the Province, Karagandy is located on the reservoir of the Kara-Kengir River. Zhezkazgan city is sited at a distance of 764 km from the capital city, Astana. The geographical coordinates puts the place at 47047’ N and 67042’ E.


Climate in Zhezkazgan:

During summer season the average temperature is 310C and in winter temperature drops to -170C.


History of Zhezkazgan:

As per historians, the Turks were the first settlers in this region during the 6th century. Trade of cattle between the nomadic Turk settlers and the neighboring regions flourished in the region during those days. As time passed, the region witnessed invaders ransacking and plundering the town from time to time. From the period 1917 to 1920, at the time of the Russian Civil War this region bore a deserted look. Commercialization began with the entry of mining companies in the year 1938. The place was discovered to be rich in resources such as copper deposits specifically. Apart from copper mining company, other mining companies began extracting other minerals such as gold, iron ores from this region in the year 1973. During the Soviet era the place was used as a political prison camp imprisoning political leaders and others who opposed Stalins rule.

With the end of the Soviet rule and the formation of the new country Kazakhstan in 1991, the political prison camps were banned.


People & Culture of Zhezkazgan: 

Different communities such as Kazakhs, Russians and Germans reside in and around the Zhezkazgan region. Languages spoken by the people of Zhezkazgan are Kazakh and Russian. However, Kazakh is the official language of the country. Singing and dancing forms an integral part of the country. Either Islam or Christianity is followed by the locals.


Food and Shopping at Zhezkazgan:

Both continental and non-continental, be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian, cuisines are available throughout Zhezkazgan. Horse meat and pasta dish are the favorite among locals.

Absal Shopping Mall and Karaganda City Mall in Karaganda city are the two malls closer to Zhezkazgan. Apart from these, shopping malls there are shopping areas where one can buy products at a reasonable price.


Tourist Places in Zhezkazgan:  

There are many places of interest in and around Zhezkazgan. Some of the names of these places are mentioned below

  • Baikonur Cosmodrome
  • Eternal Fire Monument
  • Kazakhmys
  • Kgf City Center
  • Music Theater
  • World of Fantasy Park
  • Air Astana Representative Office


Means of Commutation to Zhezkazgan:

Zhezkazgan has roadways connecting to places within Kazakhstan.  There are buses available on a daily basis to places within the country, Kazakhstan such as Arkalyk, Kyzlorda and Karaganada city. Inter city transportation is facilitated by buses and taxis. Zhezkazgan is well connected by railways to places within Kazakhstan. Zhezkazgan is well connected by air to few places within Kazakhstan. The  Zhezkazgan Airport  situated at a distance of 20km from the city caters to flights arriving and departing to and from places such as Osekmen, Almaty within Kazakhstan and to places within Russia.


Accommodation Options at Zhezkazgan:

There are plenty of hotels with amazing interiors and beautiful decors in and around Zhezkazgan and hotels provide all modern facilities and services for the tourists taking accommodation facilities and are advised to book the hotels well in advance, so that they can find a suitable accommodation of their choice, requirements and as per their budget. List of hotels located in and around Zhezkazgan is as follows:

  • Cosmonaut Hotel
  • Ar Nuvo Hotel
  • Dostar Alem Hotel
  • Merey Hotel
  • Hotel Shanyrak
  • Olympia Hotel
  • Zere Hotel
  • Chayka Hotel
  • Arnuvo Hotel
  • Hotel Sozvezdie

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