Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Kzyl-Orda, Kazakhstan, Asia

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Kzyl-Orda, Kazakhstan, Asia

Kyzylorda is sited on the Asian continent in the country, Kazakhstan in the Province, Kyzylorda. The city, Kyzylorda is the capital of the province. The translation of the word Kyzylorda into English means ‘Red Center’. Kyzylorda city is located at a distance of 1,500 km from the capital city Astana. The Kyzylorda province spans over an area of 226,000 km2. The river, Syr Darya flows across the city. The geographical coordinates puts the place at 44051’ N and 65031’ E and towards the west of Kyzylorda province situated the Aktobe province, in the east located the south Kazakhstan Province and in the north located Karagandy province.


Climate of Kyzylorda:

During summer season the average temperature is 460C and in winter temperature drops to -340C.


History of Kyzylorda:

As per the historians, a fortress was built in Kyzylorda in the year 1820. After the construction of the fortress in the region, people from nearby places began to settle down in Kyzylorda region. The commander of the fortress was Yaqub Beg. In 1853, the Russian army invaded Kyzylorda region. After conquering the fortress the Russians changed the name of the fortress to Perovsky. Trade flourished in this entire region, and the city was known by the name Perovsky until the end of 1922 where the name was changed to Ak-Mechet. The city received the name Kyzyl-Orda at the beginning of 1925 when it was declared for a short period of time as the capital of Kazakhstan.


Tourist Places in Kyzylorda:

National park “Barsakelmes”:

Barsakelmes National park is located few kms away from the city which is home for rare species of flora and fauna and tourists can find more than 250 species of plants and native animals of country.


Mosque of Aitbai:

Aitbai Mosque is located in the heart of the city; this mosque was constructed in the year 1878 by a rich man Aitbai. This mosque is one of the famed mosques in the city which is visited by number of Islam followers.


Other Places to Visit near Kyzylorda:

  • Historical Museum
  • Syr-Darya River
  • Silk road
  • Mosque Aktas
  • Memorial Complex of Korkyt Ata
  • Old Bazaar
  • Museum of Baikonur Cosmodrome History, Baikonur


Means of Commutation to Kyzylorda:

Kyzylorda has roadways connecting to places within Kazakhstan. There are long distance buses from Kyzylorda to places like Aralsk, Shymkent and Turkistan. Intercity transportation is facilitated by buses, shared taxis which operate in and around the city.

Kyzylorda is well connected by railways to places within Kazakhstan. There are daily train services to Turkistan.

Kyzylorda is well connected by air to few places on the globe. The  Kyzylorda Airport is at a distance of 16km from the city, caters to flights arriving and departing to and from places within Kazakhstan such as Oskemen, Karagandy, Taraz, Shymkent, Atyrau, Astana, Aktau and Almaty. There are international flights fro and to Russia.


Accommodation Options at Kyzylorda:

Kyzylorda is home for various tourism attractions but only few hotels can be located in the city and tourists are advised to book the hotels before reaching the city and hotels in the city provide all the major facilities to tourists like LCD monitors, room heaters, laundry services, conduct package tours and spa facilities and many more and some of the hotels are located at the distance of 200 to 300 kms from the city. Some of the hotels in and around Kyzylorda are listed here below:

  • Hotel Kyzylorda, Kyzylorda
  • Hotel Tsentralnaya, Baikonur
  • Sputnik Hotel, Baikonur
  • Selena Star Hotel, Kyzylorda
  • Sultan Hotel, Aktobe
  • Best Eastern Hotel, Aktobe
  • Amsterdam Hotel, Aktobe

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