Places to Visit in Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan, Asia

Places to Visit in Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan, Asia

Petropavlovsk is sited on the Asian continent in the country, Kazakhstan towards the north in the Province, North Kazakhstan. The city, Petropavlovsk is the capital city of North Kazakhstan province. Petropavlovsk city is situated at a distance of 1,157 km from the capital city, Astana. North Kazakhstan province spans over an area of 98,040km2 and the river, Ishim flows across the city. The geographical coordinates puts the place at 54053’0” N and 69010’0” E.


Climate of Petropavlovsk:

During summer season the average temperature is 410C and in winter temperature drops to -2.20C.


History of Petropavlovsk:

According to historians, a fortress was built by the Russians who happened to extend their boundaries towards the south of their country, Russia into neighboring nomadic region of North Kazakhstan in the year 1752. The fort attained its name after two saints of the Christian religion, Paul and Peter. In the year 1807, the place was declared a city. In the year 1917, before the breakout of the Russian Revolution the place was one the most well known trading centers for carpets and fabrics made of silk.


People & Culture of Petropavlovsk:  

Languages spoken by the people of Petropavlovsk are Kazakh and Russian. Either Islam or Christianity is the religion worshipped by some of the locals and Russians, Ukrainian, Polish, Tatar and Germans people live in harmony in the city.


Tourist Places in Petropavlovsk:  

Kazakh Theater

Kazakh Theater is located 4 kms away from center of the city, it is Music and Drama Theater named after S. Mukanov performas in Kazakh language and one of the best theaters in the city.


Regional Puppet Theater

Regional Puppet Theater was established in the year 1991 is located in Vassilyev Street is visited by number of local tourists throughout the year.


North Kazakhstan Russian Drama Theater

North Kazakhstan Russian Drama Theater is located 7 kms away from center of the city and the theater named after N. Pogodin and in the morning Children visit and watch the performance and during evening events is organized for the grown-ups.


Regional Museum of History and Local Studies

This museum was established in the year 1924 and this museum displays the various ancient and modern items, flora and fauna, history and natural environment and many more.


Other places to visit in Petropavlovsk:

  • Regional Arts Museum
  • Petropavl City Church
  • Petropavl City Mosque


Means of Commutation to Petropavlovsk

Petropavlovsk is well connected through roadways and there are long distances buses accessible from Petropavlovsk to places like Aralsk, Shymkent and Turkistan and taxis are available for the hire to get around the city.

Petropavlovsk is well connected by railways to neighboring cities and town in Kazakhstan and there are daily train services to Turkistan.

Petropavlovsk is served by  Kyzylorda Airport situated at a distance of 16 km from the city, caters to flights arriving and departing to and from places within Kazakhstan such as Oskemen, Karagandy, Taraz, Shymkent, Atyrau, Astana, Aktau and Almaty. There are international flights fro and to Russia.


Accommodation Options at Petropavlovsk:

Petropavlovsk is a blend of nature and historical monuments and tourists can avail some of the finest and modern hotels in Petropavlovsk which offer all the modern facilities to customers like air cooler, swimming pools, spa and authentic Kazakhstan cuisines and cost from $ 15 to $ 250 and above per day. Some of the hotels in Petropavlovsk are listed below:

  • Hotel Uzbekistan
  • Radisson Blu Hotel Tashkent
  • Mirzo Guesthouse
  • Hotel Dedeman Silk Road Tashkent
  • Tashkent Palace Hotel
  • City Palace Hotel
  • The Park Turon
  • Hayot
  • Grand Orzu Hotel
  • The International Hotel

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