Places to Visit in Kokshetau, Kazakhstan, Asia

Places to Visit in Kokshetau, Kazakhstan, Asia

Kokshetau is sited in the country, Kazakhstan in the Province, Akmola towards the north. The city Kokshetau is the capital of the province and home for mineral and food industries. Kokshetau city is situated at a distance of 310 km from the capital city, Astana. The geographical coordinates puts the place at 53017’ N and 69023’ E. The place is 274 meters above the sea level.


Climate of Kokshetau:

During summer season the average temperature is 200C and in winter temperature drops to -150C.


History of Kokshetau:

As per historians, a fortress was constructed in the region in 1824. This fortress was built over a hill named Kokshetau. The English translation of the word Kokshetau means ‘Blue Mountain’. In the year 1868, Kokshetau fell under the Soviet rule. During the period of Second World War, many people from Poland migrated to Kokshetau. Kokshetau served as a center of administration for the region Kokchetav Oblast in the year 1944 on 16th of March. After Kazakhstan attained the sovereignty of an Independent country, Kokshetau formed the capital of Akmola province.

Plenty of developments were seen taking place in and around Kokshetau region during the Soviet rule and after the end of Soviet rule in the region.

People & Culture of Kokshetau:

Communities such as Kazakhs, Tatars, Russians and Ukrainians reside in and around the city and languages spoken by the people of Kokshetau are Kazakh and Russian and singing, theater, sports and dancing forms an integral part of the country. Either Islam or Christianity is the religion worshipped by some of the locals.


Food and Shopping at Kokshetau:

Both continental and non-continental cuisines are available in the city and there are numerous restaurants in the city which serves authentic and traditional Kazakhstan cuisines, Lamb, and Horse meat being the major cuisines and pasta dish are the favorite among locals.

Central Shopping Mall is a well known shopping center in the Kokshetau region. Apart from Central shopping Mall there are few shopping areas where one can buy products at affordable price.


Tourist Places in Kokshetau:  

Since Kokshetau and Astana belong to the same province, Akmola, many tourist attractions are quiet near to Astana than Kokshetau, at the distance of 300 kms from Kokshetau. Some of these places of interest are:

  • Kokshetau State National Nature Park
  • Ishim River Waterfront
  • Oceanarium
  • Astana Central National Mosque
  • Roman Catholic Cathedral
  • Bayterek Tower
  • Presidential center of Culture
  • The S. Seifullin Museum
  • Churh of Constantine and Helena
  • Green Mosque Fence


Means of Commutation to Kokshetau:

Kokshetau is well connected through national highway and public and private buses are available from capital city, Astana and from other cities to Kokshetau and taxi and shared taxi are available to get in and around the city.

Kokshetau is well connected by railways to several cities and towns in the country like Petropavlovsk, Kellerovka, Schuchinsk, Atbasar, Astana, Akkol, Kostanay, Ruzaevka, and many more cities.

Kokshetau is well connected by air to few places within the country and Kokshetau Airport is located at the distance of 19 kms from center of the city and caters to flights arriving and departing to and from places such as Osekmen, Almaty and Petropavl cities in Kazakhstan.


Accommodation Options at Kokshetau:

Kokshetau has few good hotels that cater to the lodging needs of the tourists coming to this place. Hotels range from economy, budget and standard category and offer hosts of facilities like pool, massages, spa, bar, broadband connectivity, conduct sightseeing tours, arrange for ticket bookings, etc. Some of the hotels in and around 100 to 300 kms from Kokshetau are listed here below:

  • Batys Hotel
  • Zhekebatyr Hotel
  • Duman
  • Radisson Sas Hotel
  • Comfort Hotel Astana
  • Imperia G Hotel
  • Tengri
  • Zhekebatyr Hotel, Kokshetau
  • Apart Hotel Northern Lights, Astana
  • Jelsomino Boutique Hotel, Astana
  • Prestige Hotel, Astana

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