Best Tourist Places to Visit in Atbasar, Kazakhstan, Asia

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Atbasar, Kazakhstan, Asia

Atbasar is sited on the Asian continent in the country, Kazakhstan in the Province, Aqmola toward the north of the country. The city, Atbasar is the capital of Atbasar district. Atbasar city is at a distance of 265 km from the countries capital city, Astana. Atbasar is one of the country’s biggest cities.  The geographical coordinates puts the place at 51048’ N and 76053’45” E. The place is 282 meters above sea level.


Weather of Atbasar:

During summer season the average temperature is 270C and in winter temperature drops to -230C.


History of Atbasar:

As per records, Atbasar was established in the year 1824 and fortress was built over a hill named, Kokshetau. Due to the presence of this fortress, the regions of Atbasar and adjoining areas witness people from other neighboring countries building settlements. During the period of Second World War, many people from Poland migrated to Atbasar and adjoining areas.

Plenty of developments were seen taking place in and around Atbasar region during the Soviet rule and after the end of Soviet rule in the region.


Tourism in Atbasar:

Atbasar is happening city and there are plenty of options for the tourists visit the city, as there are number of theaters, museums, movie halls and theaters in Atbasar performs number of acts throughout the year that attracts number of tourists. Central Shopping Mall in Kokshetau is a well known shopping center. Apart from this shopping center there are other shopping areas in Atbasar where one can buy products at reasonable price.


Tourist Places in Atbasar:  

Since Atbasar and Astana belong to the same province, Aqmola, many tourist attractions are quiet near to Astana than Atbasar. Some of these places of interest are:

  • Ishim River Waterfront
  • Oceanarium
  • Astana Central National Mosque
  • Roman Catholic Cathedral
  • Bayterek Tower
  • Presidential center of Culture
  • The S. Seifullin Museum
  • Churh of Constantine and Helena
  • Green Mosque Fence


Means of Commutation to Atbasar:

By airways:

Atbasar is served by Atbasar Airport located 5 kms away from middle of the town and airport operates domestic flights to Astana city and Astana International Airport is located at the distance of 265 kms from Atbasar town which serves with domestic and international flights.

By Railways:

Atbasar is one of the major railway stations in the country, and the railway lines pass through various cities and towns in Kazakhstan and regular trains are available from Astana to Atbasar.


By Roadways:

National Highway passes through the town connecting various cities and towns in Kazakhstan and tourists can avail public and private buses facilities to get in and around the town and taxis are also major mode of transportations to travel within the town.


Accommodation Options at Atbasar:

Atbasar is a small town but happening place in Aqmola province but only few accommodation facilities are available in the town and tourists are advised to book the hotels before visiting the Atbasar town to avoid last minute rush, major hotels are located in Astana city and hotels in and around Atbasar cost from $ 20 to $ 250 and above per day. Some of the hotels in Atbasar are listed below:

  • Batys Hotel
  • Duman
  • Radisson Sas Hotel
  • Comfort Hotel Astana
  • Imperia G Hotel
  • Tengri
  • Zhekebatyr Hotel, Kokshetau
  • Apart Hotel Northern Lights, Astana
  • Jelsomino Boutique Hotel, Astana
  • Prestige Hotel, Astana

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