Tuban Tourist Places to Visit in Tuban, Indonesia, Asia

Tuban Tourist Places to Visit in Tuban, Indonesia, Asia

Tuban is a town in Tuban Regency in East Java, Indonesia located in Java Island. Economy of Tuban depends on small industries located in the town and it is also famed for tobacco and teak wood production and in the year 1994, a cement company was started in the town and it is the biggest cement factory in Indonesia. Tuban is also the home for various famed educational institutions and hospitals.

Tuban is bounded by Rembang, Bojonegoro, Lamongan, Gresik, Ngawi, Pati, Kudus and Blora and located 106 Kms from capital of East Java, Surabaya and Tuban is located 680 Kms away from capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. Zip code of Tuban is 62311 and coordinates are 6.8833° S, 112.0500° E.


History of Tuban:

Tuban was the major trading port during the Majapahit period from 13th century and Tuban anniversary is celebrated on 12th November every year and it is 700 year old town and there are various forts and monuments built during this era.


Tourism in Tuban:

Tourism plays an important role in the development of the city and there are number of tourist sites to visit in this region like caves, waterfalls, temples and it is also famous from teak wood and tobacco production. Tourists from various parts of Indonesia visit this site to enjoy the Palm Wine which is made from Aren tree.


Places to visit in Tuban:

Akbar Cave:

This is a unique and the longest cave in the town and there are various interesting places to visit inside the cave and a river flows inside the cave and various fishes are also found in the river.


Ngerong Cave:

Ngerong cave is home for bats and from the entry point of cave, a river flow and there are thousands of fishes in the river and thousands of tourists visit this sited but they never try to take the fish from the river, it is believed that they will be cursed if they take the fishes from the river.


Kwan Sing Bio Temple:

This is the unique temple in Indonesia, as it uses the crab symbol at the entry of the door and the only synagogue, which is facing sea and the largest synagogue is South East Asia. This temple is visited by thousands of devotees throughout the year.


 Prataan Natural Hot Spring:

This hot water spring is located in the teak forest in Prataan village and this it forest is enclosed with natural beauty and tourist can view various birds around the hot spring and it is believed that this water can heal various skin diseases.


Other Places to Visit in Tuban:

  • Bektiharjo Natural Pool
  • Kambang Putih Museum
  • Batik Tuban


Best time to visit Tuban:

Tuban receives rain during the months of September to May and sunny season is from June to October and best time to visit Tuban is between the months of May to November.


How to Reach Tuban?

By Air:

Nearest airport to Tuban is Juanda International Airport, situated at the distance of 127 Kms from middle of the regency and this is the second busiest airport in the Indonesia and operates both domestic and international flights to cities like Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Taipei, Jakarta, Bali, Guangzhou and Bandar Seri Begawan and few other cities.


By Sea:

Tuban has a small Port which operates domestic motor boats to several cities in Indonesia.


By Road:

Tuban has good network of road transport and there are number of buses, mini buses and taxis to travel in and around the city.


Hotels in Tuban:

Tuban is a historical city and there are various old temples in regency and renowned for the port as well. Tourists can come across various hotels in regency and these hotels cost $ 20 to $ 120 and above per night and provides all the facilities to the tourists. Some of the major hotels in Tuban are as follows:

  • The Radiant Hotel and Spa
  • The Alit Hotel
  • Taman Sari Cottage II
  • Mustika Hotel
  • Harris Hotel Tuban
  • Green Villas Hotel and Spa
  • Hotel Maria
  • Taman Tirta Ayu Pool and Mansion
  • Anika Melati Hotel and Spa
  • Next Tuban Bali
  • Puri Bunga Inn
  • Karlamanda Villas

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