Places to Visit in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Asia

Places to Visit in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Asia

Yogyakarta is a city and capital of Yogyakarta Special Region in Java, Indonesia, covers an area of 32.5 sq Kms and there is modern and Dutch colonial in this city and it is the commercial district of Indonesia. City holds number of commercial buildings, with modern architecture and one of the fast growing cities in Indonesia.

Yogyakarta is located at the distance of 540 Kms from capital of Indonesia, Jakarta and it is surrounded by Bantul, Depok, Sleman, Klaten, Srandakan, Wonosari, Mungkid, Magelang and Semanu. Zip code of Yogyakarta is 55111 and coordinates are 7.7975° S, 110.3689° E.


History of Yogyakarta:

Medang Kingdom were ruling this region from 8th to 10th century and it was called as Mataram and followed Javanese, Hindu and Buddhist culture and built number of temples and forts. Between the years 1293 to 1527, this region was ruled by Majapahit Empire and it was ruled by Mataram Sultanate, Sunan Pakubuwono II and Dutch. During the Dutch rule city flourished in all major sectors.


Tourism in Yogyakarta:

Yogyakarta is home for various world famous temples like Borobudur and Prambanan and there are various tourist sites to visit in the city and to experience the culture and tradition of Javanese, tourists visit this region throughout the year. Tourist can buy various Silver work jewellery from the city, which is famous all over Indonesia and also visits traditional puppet show organized in the city along with music, traditional dance.


Places to Visit in Yogyakarta:

Tugu Monument:

This monument was constructed by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono VI is located in the centre of the city and visited by number of tourists around the world.


Benteng Vredeburg:

This palace was built during the Dutch period and it is one of the best examples of Dutch architecture located just opposite to President Palace.


Kota Gede:

It is a tomb of first king Panembahan Senopati of Mataram Kingdom and was the hub for various trading purposes and it represents the ancient Javanese architecture style.


Other places to visit in Yogyakarta:

  • Imogiri
  • Kotabaru
  • Kraton Yogyakarta
  • Sultan’s Carriage Museum
  • Taman Sari
  • Siti Hinggil Selatan
  • Alun-Alun
  • Masjid Gede Kauman


Best time to visit Yogyakarta:

Yogyakarta is a wet region and receives rain from October to June and dry season is from July to September and best time to visit Yogyakarta is between May to October.


How to Reach Yogyakarta?

By Air:

Yogyakarta is served by Adisucipto International Airport, located at the distance of 10 Kms from centre of the city and connected to various cities in Indonesia and neighboring countries like Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.


By Train:

Yogyakarta is served by Tugu Station and this station connects to Jakarta and various other cities in Java Island and regular trains are available from various cities as well.


By Road:

Giwangan is the major bus station in Yogyakarta and operates public buses to various neighboring cities in Java Island and there are various other public transport modes like taxi, trishaw, horse cart, car and motorbike to round the city.


Hotels in Yogyakarta:

Yogyakarta is famed for various cultural activities in the city and thousands of local tourists visit this region and good accommodation facilities are available in the city and hotels in Yogyakarta may cost from $ 10 to $ 500 and above per night and offers world class facilities to customers. Some of the major hotels in Yogyakarta are listed here below:


  • Sahid Raya Hotel
  • Ros-In Hotel
  • Grand Quality Hotel Yogyakarta
  • The Cangkringan Jogja Spa & Villa
  • Hotel Brongto
  • Indah Palace Yogyakarta
  • LPP Garden Hotel
  • Sheraton Mustika Yogyakarta Resort and Spa
  • Hotel Santika Premiere Jogja
  • Puri Chorus Boutique Hotel
  • Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta
  • Hotel Mutiara Malioboro

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